Book Review: Continental Divide by Linda Jordan

Continental Divide by Linda Jordan

A Women’s Fiction Novel published through Metamorphosis Press (9/14/18)


Haley and her daughter Trixie move back to Montana with all their belongings fitting into one little car. Haley has moved her daughter too many times to count and her career and her daughter have suffered for it. Now, moving back in with Haley’s mom, hopefully stability will come back into their lives. With the Blackfoot River rising to flood levels, Haley’s ex following them, and a whole new life at the Montana B and B, life still isn’t stable for the single parent and silent daughter. Maybe this new adventure won’t be as unbalancing as it seems.


Single Parent, Horses, Farm, Single Mother, 12-Year Old, Daughter, New Beginnings, Grandmother, Flooding, Bank Robber, Home Cooking, Websites, Technology, Bed and Breakfast, Trauma

My Review:

Jordan’s writing style flows with an ease that is a pleasure to read.

I was conflicted on my thoughts of the genre and plot. This book was too simplistic to be women’s fiction. It had the simplicity of a chick lit beach read, but the romance element was not the focal point. The book was more about family and moving on and the great community of a small town than a romance. I rather enjoyed the small town feel and the relationship between Haley and her mother and Haley and her daughter. Perhaps this book would have made more sense as young adult and told through the daughter’s viewpoint. Shifting between Haley and Mabel’s viewpoint confused me even further in regards to the genre and the plot as Mabel’s story didn’t tie into the main story enough. Mabel’s story was more of a subplot and it felt like there were two distinct stories. I was quite fascinated by Mabel and her story as well as with Haley and her story. I think that I would have liked to have Mabel’s story separated from this book and given its own novel.

I absolutely loved all the descriptions of food and Winnie’s diner sounds like a place I would like to go. I also really enjoyed the fact that Haley is in technology and is a great website developer. I like seeing women thrive in typical male-dominated jobs.

Mabel’s story was not tied up enough in the end and Haley’s story concluded rather sharply and without the big aha moment that had been building up throughout the novel. I liked Sam’s ending, and of course how much Trixie opened up as the story went along.

This novel was published through Metamorphosis Press on 9/14/2018 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50

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