2019 June Goals – Accountability, Check in, and Making $$

I’ve been testing out my Eco-Nuts laundry detergent and I think I love them! I accidentally left the small cloth bag in my laundry full of nuts and it went through the dryer… but other than that they have worked amazingly!

Sadly, most of my seed starts have died but I have three small tomato plants, 3 squash humps (with 2-4 plants in each), 2 zucchini humps (with 2-3 plants in each), a cucumber hump (with 2-3 plants in it), and turnip leaves growing! I don’t think the carrots I planted made it since I don’t see any sprouting above ground. My indoor basil plant is dying and the plants in a jar (basil and mint) both died. I’m really hopeful that my squash, zucchini, and cucumbers will grow this summer though. I have also been scouting out possible foraging opportunities with the Falling Fruit app but have so far had no luck finding cherry or plum trees. I also am unsure when cherries are in season around here… I do have my sights set on a local plum tree (not listed on the app) and have been checking their ripeness weekly. I hope to dehydrate/dry the plums I pick.

On my travels out of state I was not particularly zero waste, sadly, but it got me thinking about the difficulties in reducing single-use items while traveling.

Do you have any other ideas I should consider to reduce my waste?

As far as fitness goals go: Though I signed up to participate in the Blogilates June Summer Sculpt program, I quickly ditched it as I was incredibly busy the first few weeks of the month traveling and taking a class for work. I want to take more dance classes in July and bike over 25 miles (hopefully some of those miles will be biked instead of driven).

I reached a landmark progress goal in my pole-dance career on 6/25 this month!

1. Total pole classes I’ve taken: 388

2. Total years spent poling= 5 (with a year break between pole 101 graduation and my next class)

3. Total money I’ve spent on pole classes: $6,546 (average of $17/class)

4. Total hours spent poling in classes: 616.5 hours = 25.7 days = 36,990 minutes

5. Total instructors I’ve had: 34

6. Total studios I’ve gone to: 11

I’ve performed in front of audiences three times!

Turkish language progress:

I now have 1,176 Anki cards. I’ve done 4,537 reviews. I have spent 4:58:46 reviewing with an average of 56 reviews per day. My grade is 67% D.

July 2019: Rosetta Stone Unit 8 finished, word of the day in Anki, Rosetta Stone in Anki, Grammar study
August 2019: Rosetta Stone Unit 9 finished, word of the day in Anki, Rosetta Stone in Anki, 100 Anki common Turkish vocabulary
September 2019: Rosetta Stone Unit 10 finished, word of the day in Anki, Rosetta Stone in Anki, Grammar study
October 2019: Rosetta Stone Unit 11 finished, word of the day in Anki, Rosetta Stone in Anki, 100 Anki common Turkish vocabulary
November 2019: Rosetta Stone Unit 12 finished, word of the day in Anki, Rosetta Stone in Anki, Grammar study, take a placement test

My main goal for the year was to save as much money as possible! I’m doing this by earning more money, spending less money, and investing the money that I do have. Here is my monthly budget spreadsheet:

Categories $$ to spend 19-Jan 19-Feb 19-Mar 19-Apr 19-May 19-June 19-July
Take home pay *** *** *** *** *** ***
Earnings *** *** *** *** *** ***
Total Earnings   *** *** *** *** *** ***
Rent 700 same  same same same same same
Phone 45 same same same same same same
Car 300 Over Over Under under under under
Travel 100 Under  0 0 90.05 99.42 196.58
Housing Supplies 25 0  Over Under 105.52 (sharpened knives and got zero-waste supplies) 25.84 7.61
Health & Wellness 60 0 Over Under 113 110.45 84.95
Writing 25 Over Over 0 14.42 (e-books) 0 0
Charity/art 25 Over  15 Under 32 10 15
Entertainment 70 Over  20.95 Over 66.33 61.46 66.95
Fitness Classes 75 Over  0 30 0 133 35
Food – eating out 100 179.98  96.00 185.03 251.16 (Travel to FL) 536.77 (family is in town) 458.99 (family is in town)
Food – groceries 400 575.47 324.88 444 608.48 (travel to FL) 226.03 256.95
Misc. 50 47.92  92.03 660 (put my tax prep and a present in this category) 1.60 348.50 14.34
Total Spent  <50% 55% 42% 48% 47% 55% 42%
Total Savings 2080 Over Over Over Over Over Over


My writing goals!! I wrote out a month-by-month plan to accomplish my writing goals.

July – Sell 1-2 At One’s Beast books for at least $11 to break even. Sell 1 Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things over $1.04 to start making a profit. Sell 1 Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams book over $1.64 to start making a profit. Redo the draft on my children’s picture book. Perhaps collaborate? Research illustrators and publishers for the book. Update to my author website.

August – Send out Flora to a new beta reader and get feedback. Find a geneologist to comment on the geneology aspects of the book and add in more genetics background for the magic. Research publishers to send Flora out to. Plan book specials for the fall/winter online.

September – Outline Aster & Tilde 5-book series completely. Re-read Aster & Tilde book 1 and edit according to the master outline

October – Write every day and work on Aster & Tilde Book 2

November – Participate in NaNoWriMo and finish writing Aster & Tilde Book 2

December – ??

What are your goals and how are you meeting them this month?

Here is my January goal check in blog post!

Here is my February goal check in blog post!

Here is my March goal check in blog post!

Here is my April goal check in blog post!

Here is my May goal check in blog post!

Recap of events this month:

Maple Valley Days annual volunteering/book-selling event 

Donut adventures in Los Angeles, California

Veggie Fest in Redmond

Indie Author Night at Brick & Mortar Books

Stars Wars in Concert!

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      • I agree. I went back with Takako to see The Prisoner of Azkaban which I liked even better because of the added choir elements. Also interesting because Strikes Back was heavily horn section and Askaban was heavily woodwinds. It was extra interesting to see and hear the comparison and how it made the stories feel so different. John Williams is a genius, for sure.


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