Book Review: Day One by Lauren Runow

Day One by Lauren Runow

A Romance Novel published by Independently published (05/02/20)


“That’s adorable. You know, I’ve always said you’ll know how a guy feels by the effort he puts into getting to know you. I’d say, he’s all in.” (Kindle Edition, 47%).

Day one of quarantine and Sharee is already bored. After reactivating her Tinder, she is pleasantly surprised to get a private message from a normal-seeming and decent-looking guy. Sharee is already infatuated with this new guy after a few texts and phone calls when she finds out he just signed a multi-million dollar baseball contract! They might live in the same town as each other but since they’re following strict quarantine orders (during the pandemic lockdown) they’ll have to find creative ways to plan out dates.


Pandemic, Covid-19, quarantine, lockdown, dating, baseball, romance, social distancing, teacher, creative dates

My Review:

Day One is an entire novel of meet-cute! It felt like a Hallmark movie in a book. Adorable, predictable, and satisfying. I loved reliving the enthusiastic optimism and initial crush of online dating/app dating with Sharee and Drew. I was instantly transported back through my own nostalgia to my own first dates years ago. I enjoyed this very contemporary novel set in the middle of the (still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine/lockdown.

Sometimes first-person can throw me off as it can be jarring but the first-person POV fits the easy-read simple style of this novel perfectly.

Sometimes in simple romances, one of the love interests can seem too perfect and to not have as much depth of character as the other love interest, but I felt like both Drew and Sharee were balanced. They were also fairly simple characters with simple backstories that worked well together. I was worried that all the dates were being planned and executed by Drew and that Sharee was not going to step up but eventually she did plan some dates and didn’t let Drew take all the initiative.

Overall this book was adorable and it was nice to read an optimistic pandemic novel that wasn’t doom and gloom.

This novel was published by Independently published 05/02/20 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25

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