Book Review: What the Elf? (The Cringle Cove Christmas Chronicles #5) by Kate Benson

What the Elf? (The Cringle Cove Christmas Chronicles #5) by Kate Benson

A Holiday Romance Novel published by Independently published (11/29/18)


Abby and her twin always spend Christmas together in Cringle Cove and this year is no different. Abby despises the Holiday and can’t wait to spend her vacation reading horror novels. Dex hasn’t been back to Cringle Cove in years but he promised his now-ex he’d go along and meet her family, pretending they’re still together. And then Dex meets Abby. It’s so easy with Abby, unlike his ex. For Abby, the handsome stranger is nice to talk to, but it seems he has a girlfriend.


Christmas, Holidays, Romance, Ex, Breakup, Introvert, Twins, Giving Back, Multiple POV, Holiday Town, Santa, Coffee Shop

My Review:

This novel was an adorable and sweet Christmas romance – a fast and fun holiday read. I enjoyed this quick read. It reminded me of when I was bingeing sweet Holiday romances/romantic comedies last holiday season. They’re fun to watch/read while you’re watching and after you’ve finished you’re ready to move on to the next one.

The location, Cringle Cove, reminded me of Leavenworth in WA state. I do wish there had been more unique descriptions of the location that would make it more interesting, though this is the fifth book in the series so perhaps those little fun nuggets of description happened in the previous books in the series. The coffeeshop felt like any other coffee shop and the place the twins stayed didn’t feel that special. I wish there had been more details, in general, to make this book more unique. The sisters in the book were twins, but I thought this relationship could have been developed beyond the “besties” aspect. There was just enough backstory for each of the main characters Dex and Abby, but not much on Drew’s ex or Abby’s sister.

I really liked the way that the Holiday was truly integrated into the plot and characters’ backstories.

I really like dual POVs like this book and enjoyed both Dex and Abby as narrators.

This novel was published by Independently published 11/29/18 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25

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