2021 Q3 Spending and Goals Progress

After moving in June I’m finally building up a new list of local cat-sitting clients. I’m settling in at my dance studio. I’m applying to all the usability studies possible. I’m no longer saving much money – but I’m still investing every month. I finished two challenges in September – reading and reviewing books as well as celebrating the National Day Calendar through Instagram.

2021 Goals Progress Update:

Goals for 2021

Q3 progress

Notes and Q4

Take floorwork advanced series

Not on the calendar for 2021

Keep checking the schedule

12 chin-ups

8 chin-ups

5 pull-ups

Started doing 3x2x1 sets 3 times per day and varying types of pullups

Look into different types of training. Get advice from a professional?

1 handed pullup

Take that Dad!

Tried once and just swung in a circle – will research technique

Freestanding Handstand

Took 1 handstand (arm balancing) class at Ascendance

Schedule 1 handstand focused class

 Donut making class  Only online  Continue to check back for classes
 Mochi making class  Didn’t see any  I could try this via an online tutorial…

Handspring Ayesha

Took 2-hour workshop with Divine – learned good techniques

Schedule my 1-1 private as handspring, pullup technique, etc for 60 minutes

1000 lifetime ebike miles

390 miles in 2020

63 miles in Q1, 133 miles in Q2, 64.2 miles in Q3

July – 2.6

August – 39.8

September – 21.8

Bike at least 4 times this quarter (winter is coming!)

Take 500-lifetime pole classes

April – 463

May – 469

June – 475

July – 480

August – 483

September – 490

October – 4

November – 4

December – 4

Learn to walk in pole heels

I own a pair. 

Take 2 classes in Q4 – Ascendance offers basic heels fundamentals

Floor Limbo?

Saw this at the Pokemon party

Research technique and bodily ability requirements

Take goat/bunny yoga class

No classes on schedule yet – table until the spring/summer

Still interested and will keep checking

Pole Expo/Convention

No local in-person events yet

 Possible Divine retreat summer 2022 (figure out budgeting)

Corgi Con 2022

Postponed until 2022

Sad but the scheduling seems to conflict with other events

Build up $10k in my emergency fund


Automatic savings of $250/month – need 8 more months unless having an influx of extra cash.

Make $5000 side hustle funds

~$3428 so far

I can asily make $500 in December for holiday animal sitting. Reduce goal to more manageable $4000 for the year?

Career development – MDR training, RAPS2022

Watched some online webinars

RAPS 2022 is in Arizona 9/10 – 9/13 – in the budget? Value add?

In other news…

Painted Pokemon specific rocks

Put together R2-D2 and an At-At Lego model

Said goodbye to this cutie we boarded over the summer!

Went to downtown Seattle for Pokemon Go Fest

Harvested some giant cucumbers from the garden

Made it to the last level I’ll probably ever attain in Pokemon Go

Bought a second-hand stage pole for home practice (yay virtual classes and conditioning)

Crashed a cake tasting (I was invited) like I’ve always wanted to

Harvested multiple handfuls of tomatoes (there’s still green ones on the vine today)

I’ve been taking Lyra classes with my new studio Ascendance and I absolutely love them!

Joined in the fun at a Pokemon picnic party

What are your goals and how are you meeting them?