Where Was Rachel in 2022 – A Blog Post in Pictures and Captions


Built a custom closet shelving unit with my housemate Lorri

Visited the Space Needle for the first time since the floor was redone

Dined at the Loupe Lounge (revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle) for the first time since I was a toddler.

Dad got a jackfruit to try! I loved it.


Moved into a new apartment in Bellevue – our first place with just the two of us

I Ate vegan for a week 

Walked a neighbor’s Corgi – a dream come true!

Painted and gave away some more rocks


Volunteered as a pole pixy at Pole Sport Org’s competition

Completed a few puzzles

Started playing Wordles and nailed this guess-in-one for Spanish

Celebrated our 4th meet-anniversary at Din Tai Fung


Jon won company tickets to the Pokemon box to see Monster Trucks

Leveled up in Pokemon Go

My credit score bumped over 800

Jon took me out during one of his flight lessons

Jon’s work company rented the Woodland Park Zoo for their Spring Festival


We won May the Fourth Trivia and some pretty neat prizes!

We visited family and my house in FL

We booked The Chandrila Line Starcruiser Hotel at Disney

I made my own lightsaber

We spent the week going to all the Disney World parks and the Starcruiser Hotel.


I volunteered at the inaugural Seattle Donut Fest

I volunteered for the 10th time at Maple Valley Days

Divine Movement had a party for Ambassadors and Instructors at the skating rink


We watched fireworks from Jon’s office building in downtown Bellevue

I set up my pole in the park several times and invited friends to join

Joined the Pokemon Go Fest in downtown Seattle – guess which team we’re on

Had to walk my bike .25 with a flat up and off the bridge after using a fork to get the tube out of the gear mechanism (now I have a tool bag)


Watched and sat for a lot of local cats

Made my own Apprentice

Surprised Jon with a day at the races

Sought out new cuisines (Pani Puri) after watching Laal Singh Chaddha

Grew one cucumber from a pot on our porch with no sun

Went to the yearly Pokemon Party


Met up at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens with a college friend who moved locally

Tried out straps for the first time at Emerald City Trapeze

Worked on Duo Lyra with my friend Caitlin at Ascendance

Did some cat yoga at Meowtropolitan

House sat in Seattle for a cute little puppers

Performed on Lyra for the first time (as a cat)


Went to Turkey for the first time

Went to a traditional Hamam for the first time

Swam at a rooftop bar

Rode in a hot air balloon for the first time

Leveled up again in Pokemon Go

Went paragliding for the first time

Went to a soccer game in Istanbul

Didn’t win anything at the Kirkland car bingo

Took alatte art class for the second year in a row


Tried out flying trapeze for the first time (and managed a hand-to-hand catch)

Moved to Austin, TX

Ate BBQ for Thanksgiving


Spent a weekend getaway in Seattle for dim sum and to see Kevin Hart

Went to Jon’s Holiday party at Apple

Found several new studios near Austin for dance classes

Went to a Star Wars party at a local pub with our Grogus and won the costume contest

Wore my Oura ring all year

Tried out some new aerial classes – like sling, bungee, wall harness, and trampoline

Continued to score some impressive discounts on food with an app called Too Good to Go

House sat for a cuddly cat over Christmas

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Where Was Rachel in 2022 – A Blog Post in Pictures and Captions

  1. Took me a while to get to this post, but I kept the notification in my email queue. Glad I did. Looks like it was a wonderful year!! It’s great to ‘catch up’ with you this way.
    I’m just working, writing and hanging out with friends and writing friends from time to time. Happy and healthy. 😀


      • Yeah, we miss you! But it’s wonderfully apparent you’re expressing yourself in other ways. Perhaps you’ll write again some day. I spent most of my life creating visual art rather than stories. It’s fun and healthy to use all your talents and pursue many interest, I think. Take care, my friend!


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