Book Review: Broken Perfect Lies by Katie Wismer

Broken Perfect Lies by Katie Wismer

A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel published by Ahimsa Press (02/20/23)


Parker lives a double life – her identity as pop sensation Ryker is kept completely separate from her personal life until her secret is leaked to the press. Now that her fans – and her stalkers – know the truth, Parker needs protection but only one person will apply. Heath desperately needs more money. So be it if all he needs to do is babysit a pop star. Out of the loop, Heath doesn’t realize how dangerous the job could be. He doesn’t think he has a choice when it comes to paying the bills. Both their lives will be turned upside down as they start to fall for each other.


Romance, Bodyguard, Pop Sensation, Identity, Secret Identity, Stalker, Fans, Double Life, Fake, Protector, Suspense, Steamy

My Review:

I was riveted from page one. The way that the author slowly revealed what happened to Parker was torturous. It was such juicy gossip and I just had to know what happened to cause Parker such grief. I was hooked on Parker’s story as well as Heath’s story. They both had such compelling backstories that endeared them to me as characters but also humanized them.

I felt Parker’s grief and she carried that burden with her throughout the whole novel in multiple aspects of her life. Parker didn’t just get over what happened and she never forgot it. I really appreciated how well handled the event and its consequences were for her What happened was completely devastating and catastrophic to Parker for her future, her emotional well-being, and her identity.

The story was fast-paced and quite the page-turner. The only part that made me pause was the transition from protector/friend to lover. It felt abrupt and didn’t follow the story’s tone up to that point. I wanted them to get to that point but I didn’t like how it happened. It didn’t feel completely real and seemed to come out of nowhere.

I also appreciated that there were not an overwhelming amount of sex scenes. Heath doesn’t ever talk down to Parker and his nickname for her isn’t something diminutive.

The amount of tension and action borders on ridiculous but also drives home the message that celebrities are denied basic privacy and have a real need for bodyguards even after they move on from their pop star lives.

This novel was published by Ahimsa Press 02/20/23 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

Links for more information:

Katie Wismer’s Website


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