Author Tuesdays: Emotion/Motivation Chart

Found this gem floating around on the internet: It’s an old school style chart of emotions to help out us writers!

Not really sure who originally crafted it but found it here:

and here:

Toiling Tuesdays: Amazon Cost Calculator

Wonder what your book will cost before you’re even finished with it? Createspace (Amazon affiliate) has a handy Cost calculator so you can determine how much your book will cost to help you make decisions such as, should my page count be shorter? Should I use a smaller trim size? Or is it at all cost-effective to make it a hardcover?

Author Thursdays: AUTHOR WORKSHOP Round table on Self-Publishing Ins and Outs of Self Publishing from Those Who have Been There Done That?

Tuesday January 28, 2014 1:10 PM – 9:30 PM 
101 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

The Authors of FreeValley Publishing tell all from their Choice of Publishing Sites, Services and Formats to Negotiating the World of Sales and Promotions. Discuss options and Learn from the experience of those who have gone before you!


Don’t miss your chance to attend this Information-packed session.
>Choices of Publishing
sites and Marketers
> Selecting binding options
> Price points pros & cons
> Formatting Variations
> When to Employ Services
vs. Do It Yourself
> ISBNs and eBooks
> Marketing Options

Toiling Tuesdays: An Evening of Stories – Live at The Black Dog


An Evening of Stories – Live at The Black Dog

FreeValley Publishing’s authors will be at The Black Dog in Snoqualmie, WA on January 23, 2014 6-7:30pm for a Meet the Author’s event. Our authors will read excerpts from their published works and give short commentary on different aspects of self-publishing. We will then be available to chat and sign books for you.
This is in league with local chap book makers who will also have works available that evening. Paul Green will play Jazz at 7:30 onward, so you can make it a complete entertainment outing. Come an see us!

Toiling Tuesday: Maple Valley Writers December Workshop – Goals and Resolutions

Goals vs. Resolutions

Do you write out goals with deadlines in mind?
      Do you have daily goals? Weekly goals? Monthly goals?

Your goals should:

  • Be something you can control (not just “make lots of money” but “send out three query letters a month)
  • Inspire you
How to define these goals:
  • They should be measurable (not “be a better writer” but “write daily”)
  • They should be attainable (not “be the number one writer” but “get an article published in the local newspaper”)
  • They should be meaningful
Short term vs. long term measures of success
  • Do you want to measure success in terms of hours spent writing per day (or per week)?
  • Do you want to measure success in terms of pages produced or words produced per day (or week)?
  • Do you want to measure success in terms of queries submitted per week or month?
  • Do you want to measure success in terms of projects (articles, stories, or chapters) written per month or year?
What’s your writer’s bucket list?
Here is mine fantastical bucket list:
  1. Become rich and famous
  2. Write a book in every genre/type
  3. Publish my own anthology of poetry
  4. Write my autobiography
  5. Have one of my stories made into a movie
  6. Write a screenplay
  7. Write a one-hit wonder
  8. Be a top-selling, name-known author
  9. Be on talk shows about my books, as an author
  10. Sell a million copies of one of my own novels
  11. Be an inspiration to other authors
  12. Win an award
  13. Travel and do talks in other countries
Don’t forget your support! The people who can support and motivate you along the way. 
Also, don’t forget about what resources you will need to accomplish your goals!
Are you self-publishing? Take the author self-assessment worksheet to help you as you progress through your publishing experience:

NaNo November: Author Do List


Of Ducks and Writing

My to do list as an author

1. Develop my web presence (get known before the book deal)

1. Web presence/platform – blog, facebook, website (update blog 3x/week and read others’ blogs and comment)
2. Send my children’s picture book off to publishers
3. Beauty and the Beast – edit this young adult manuscript per beta readers comments and create a professional cover
4. Ataxia – redesign cover and make internal edits, market, market, market
5. Get involved (Goodreads, Smashwords, Facebook groups) – connect with both the audience and other writers through communities
6. Finish the Day the Computer Stood Still Manuscript First Draft.
7. Write write write

What is on your to do list as an author?

NaNo November: Meet the Authors of FreeValley Publishing

Of Ducks and Writing

Don’t forget tomorrow 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. to come meet and greet the authors of FreeValley Publishing at the North Bend Library. Hear about what inspires them to write, advice they give to any aspiring writers, and what it takes to be an author! Yours truly will be a part of the event so come say hello, hear about our wonderful journeys as authors, and purchase some of the truly amazing novels/works we have published.