Wine & Words and 2017 Book Release Party Today (4/27/17) in WA

Two lovely events you can go to today are happening in my local corner of the Pacific Northwest. Find and support local authors. Wine specials and eats at the Black Dog and free drinks and snacks at the Bookstore. If you’re clever and/or a fast driver, you can come to both events!

If you live near North Bend/Snoqualmie – I suggest you attend the Wine and Words event with FreeValley Publishing authors and special guest Jeffrey Cook.

Time: 6pm

Location: the Black Dog (8062 Railroad Ave, Snoqualmie, WA 98065)

If you live near Seattle’s north Eastside – I suggest you attend the 2017 Book Release Party with the Writer’s Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest at the UW Bookstore at Mill Creek. I’ll have my newest release, Nichole’s Book of Practical Things, as well as all my other young adult titles available.

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Location: UW Bookstore Mill Creek (Mill Creek Town Center, 15311 Main St, Mill Creek, WA 98012)


All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Dough Donuts in NYC

Dough Donuts

New York, New York


230 Park Avenue (at 45th St) New York, NY 10169


What I tried:

passionfruit and horchata blood orange (the daily special)



What to expect:

More than just fun looking and fun flavored donuts, this is a space you can chill (which apparently in NYC is difficult to find).


My favorite:

The view. These donuts were not worth the calories, but the glazes were worth a lick.


All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Doughnuttery in NYC


New York, New York


1000S Eighth Avenue, (Columbus Circle Subway Station), Suite #22, New York, NY 10019


What I tried:

6 for $6 (plain and lemon)

~$6 and tax


What to expect:

Grab and go donuts smothered in a multitude of sugars.


My favorite:

This donut shop is located in the subway! Underground donuts!


All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Doughnut Project in NYC

Doughnut Project

New York, New York

20170122_doughnutproject_nyc-2 20170122_doughnutproject_nyc-5

10 Morton Street, NY, NY 10014



What I tried:

lemon sea salt



What to expect:

This lovely little local shop will run out so get there early! They are large and handcrafted donuts of usual and unusual flavors. They ran out at 3:30, but we were able to snag the second to last donut! It was quite large and easily fed us both. They are perfect for sharing. The flavor was delicious with a heavy yeast filling and a light lemon flavor that was true to lemon, but delicious and to top it off we could taste the hint of sea salt.


My favorite:

This was an easy to find location that featured a Star Wars interior theme and best of all they offer donut classes!

All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – General Porpoise Doughnuts in Seattle

General Porpoise Doughnuts

Seattle, WA

My Live Video Review on Youtube is HERE


1020 E. UNION ST., SEATTLE WA 98122

206 – 900 – 8770


Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: “Vanilla”
Signature shop donut:NA
Most popular US donut: glazed (not available)
2nd most popular US donut: Boston Creme (not available)
Donut Hole: Not Available


What I tried:

Vanilla, Chocolate Marshmallow, Lemon, Apple Quince Jam

$3.85/each or $18.41 for 4 including tax


What to expect:

This small donut shop is very much like Seattle: hip and young. If you’re looking for one type of donut, then this is your place. They only make the cream filled sugar topped donuts that are very fresh and most are very delicious. I thought some the cream fillings weren’t that great, but the donut itself was very good. They also didn’t put that much cream into the donuts.


My favorite:

The vanilla! It tasted like vanilla mousse, light and creamy.

All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle

Mighty-O Donuts

Seattle, WA

My Live Video Review on Youtube is HERE

20161213_081824 20161213_080337_hdr

 1400 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 547-0335


Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: “Maple Bar”
Signature shop donut: Perhaps the French Toast
Most popular US donut: glazed (cake donut)
2nd most popular US donut: Boston Creme (Not Available)
Donut Hole: Not Available


What I tried:

Glazed, lemon poppy seed, maple bar, French toast, peppermint, chocolate raspberry



What to expect:

This corner store is next to easy street parking and has high ceilings and a high counter. The donuts are displayed like a fancy catering event’s dessert table. All the donuts are beautifully frosted and not heavy in their cake filling.


My favorite:

I liked the peppermint the best, but I think I would have liked any donut with their chocolate cake interior. The frosting is perfectly balanced with the amount of cake and isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but fully flavored.

Small Business Saturday and a Bout of Food Poisoning at 5AM

I started the day strong at St. James Espresso in Kirkland with the Elsewhere NaNoWriMo meetup and had a pecan sticky bun (but don’t worry I didn’t eat the pecans, just the good part). I got a couple thousand words in!


Off to the Small Business Saturday event at the Neverending Bookshop in Bothell for a joint author event with debut author Lori Summerville and her debut fantasy novel, “Fall Through.”



Then Paul took us out to lunch across the street at the lovely Alexa’s Cafe! I’d never been and couldn’t help but get one of their peculiar looking cinnamon rolls and it was THE BEST EVER! My curry chicken sandwich on a croissant was also quite delicious.


On the way to Paul’s gig at Tab’s in Kenmore, I stopped in at my favorite local donut shop, Daddy’s and tried out one of the seasonal combos!

20161126_1smallbusinesssaturday-4 20161126_1smallbusinesssaturday-5

After eating leftover Thai food and two snacks and two drinks at Tab’s I finished the day with mild food poisoning at 5AM…

Emerald City Writer’s Conference First Timer Experience – My Takeaways

Check out my YouTube video (please subscribe!) of my thoughts regarding my first time attending the Emerald City Writer’s Conference this weekend in Bellevue. And here’s the only picture of me I took during the whole weekend – me and one of the Wanderlust models.


My to read list from conference recommendations:

  1. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
  2. Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need (for pacing help) by Blake Snyder
  3. Silvia Day books because they’re angsty and have broken characters
  4. Nalini Singh for contemporary world building
  5. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg
  6. Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing Books) (Volume 1) by Gwen Hayes
  7. Elizabeth Moon for sci-fi/fantasy

All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Family Donuts – Lynnwood, WA

Family Donuts

lynnwood, WA

  20160529Family (4) 20160529Family (5) 20160529Family (6) 20160529Family (7)

7600 196th St SW #850, Lynnwood, WA 98036

(425) 712-0903


Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: NA
Signature shop donut: NA
Most popular US donut: glazed
2nd most popular US donut: Boston crème
Donut Hole: Glazed $2.00/doz


What I tried:

Glazed Twist, Boston Creme, Donut Holes

$4.15 total


What to expect:

the glazed donut holes looked exceptionally nice but the glaze/donut tasted mildly chalky lke they weren’t made from fresh oi. The boston crème definitely tastes like there’s something flavoring the oil they cook the donuts in. I’m not a fan.


My favorite:

I wasn’t impressed with this donut shop.

All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Dona Queen Donuts and Deli – Seattle, WA

Dona Queen Donuts and Deli

Seattle, WA

20160825_DonaQueen (1)

View my LIVE review HERE

7018 Bothell Way NE, Kenmore, WA 98028
(206) 496-3670

 20160825_DonaQueen (4)

Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: “All of them”
Signature shop donut: NA
Most popular US donut: glazed
2nd most popular US donut: Boston crème
Donut Hole: Glazed

20160825_DonaQueen (3)

What I tried:

Maple Bar, Glazed, Boston Crème, cake donut

$15.97 total for an assorted dozen

20160825_DonaQueen (2)

What to expect:

This little shop has its own little parking lot – so don’t despair for Seattle parking as there are plenty of compact spots for you to use. It’s an easy turn to get into the lot and easy to spot this little donut place. Dona Queen Donuts isn’t just donuts! They are also a deli so you can get real food there too! This place is your run of the mill donut shop where you can get all the classics, as well as sandwiches and Korean favorites.


My favorite:

I liked how you can get Bulgogi and a glazed donut at the same time! You might be able to convince them to make a sandwich out of a donut if you try hard enough.