Foodie Fridays: Apple Picking and Juicing and Bonus – Plums!

At our 4th annual Barnard Cider making extravaganza we made cider from all local apples/pears/plums. Check out the wrapup post from last year HERE.

Here are the trees we picked from:

20160828_ApplePicking&Juicing (3) 20160828_ApplePicking&Juicing (4)

Our haul of around 125 pounds of apples

20160903_193243 20160903_175648

I used my juicer on half the plums (about 175 of them to make 14 cups of juice) and the pears (3 medium sized mason jars). I also juiced some other local apples we’d picked the week prior.

20160828_ApplePicking&Juicing (5) 20160828_ApplePicking&Juicing (1)

Here is our process:

Step 1: Wash the apples and get rid of (compost) the mealy gross ones

Step 2 (Pictured Below): Cut up the apples into pieces


Step 3: Vitamix the apple pieces into a puree


Step 4: Place apple puree into cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice or use an apple press


Step 5: funnel juice into bottles gathered over the year


Apple/Pear/Grape Cider?

cider2015 (3)  cider2015 (2)

At our 3rd annual Barnard Cider making extravaganza we made cider from all local apples/pears/grapes.

Anyone in the area know a great fruit tree we can pick from for next year? We’re always looking to source good trees.



cider2015 (1)

Here is the finished product. It took us two juicers, one vitamix, and one apple press to get the job done. How do you make apple cider?