Book Review: Progeny (The Endure Series Book 3) by S.A. Huchton


Progeny (The Endure Series Book 3) by S.A. Huchton

A Sci-Fi/New Adult/Romance Novel published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (12/07/13)



“’We always have a choice, Dr. Ashley. It’s what we do with the options we’re given that’s important.’” (Kindle Location 423).
“’You can’t blame yourself for putting people into a dangerous situation you didn’t create.’” (Kindle Locations 3297-3298).

Book three picks up after a bit of time from the end of Nemesis. Lydia has been gone long enough for them to send Dr. Nick back after lack of funding for both off-Endure researchers and she is now by herself in what may became potential enemy territory. With what she has learned and how she thinks Daniel feels, Lydia feels more alone than she’s ever felt before. She continues working on the cure to the bacteria she was studying on the Endure, but is plagued by doubt about everything and everyone. Has she left Daniel for good, or will this genius power couple get back together, even after knowing what they know about each other?



Genetics, genius, underwater, tough, instability, romance, love, hormones, leader, kick-butt female, sex, fighting, training, good guys, testing, banter, skills, technology, hackers, subaquatic living, scientists, the hard way, Marine Biochemistry, Nobel Laureate, ship-shape, selective breeding

My Review:

The reveals are grandiose in this book and the lengths both Daniel and Lydia will go for love are insane. The tension has been building from book one and we get the exciting third book of all hell breaks loose! Some conflicts are resolved, but the grand plotline, the good versus evil theme is still ongoing and yet to be concluded in this third novel. THIS IS NOT A TRILOGY. Progeny is not the final book. Huchton leaves the book with her greatest cliffhanger of the Endure series.

The greater plotline that’s fully revealed in this third book of the series is quite a doozy, meandering in and out of the gray area of genetic manipulation and selective breeding. But Huchton makes it personal. She brings a hypothetical (I hope) scientific concept to life right in front of your eyes with one of her characters and you are in the midst of the emotional ride as this gray area plays out. Who will win in the end? Will there be any winners? This third book is the most apocalyptic of the series, as it delves into possibilities that Huchton might explore in book four concerning a major decrease in population! She pulls out all the stops for this book, but looking back you know she had some of these greater designs in mind from the beginning. There were hints. There were clues. Hopefully in book four we get the conclusion we’ve been looking for.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. on December 25th, 2013 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 4.50


Links for more information:

Starla Huchton’s Website


Author Thursdays: My Favorite Indie Authors 7 – Starla Huchton

Starla Huchton

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Starla Huchton is amazing. She is multi-talented (like any Indie author must be) and does her own cover designing, editing, marketing, publishing, etc. Her covers are fantastic! Her writing will blow you away.

I found Starla Huchton on Jo Michael’s blog promotion event where authors submitted their books for review. Huchton submitted Shadows on Snow. I loved the stark contrast of the red apples with the grey scale background.

I read the book early in 2015 and was captured completely by Starla’s writing style. Here is my description of the book from my review in February:

“Strength comes in many forms. Beauty is but one.” (Page 28).

Raelynn is both beautiful and strong and when she overhears that the Queen is in trouble, she cannot but try to help. Rae has a magical gift that helps her remain unnoticed as she attempts to help the Queen. In the form of a lowly, simple stable boy she is still able to charm the young Prince Leopold, but when he is in danger himself, she must try to save him as well. Forever late, even in birth, can Rae protect the Prince from his evil stepfather?

Here are some snippets from my reviews that capture how great Starla Huchton is and how wonderful her books are:

Starla’s characters are the noblest and the most evil. They became larger than life for me and I loved all of them, even the evil stepfather, because they were each and every one so well described, unique, and so real you could sink your teeth into them. The character’s never break character and fit so well into the world/environment that Starla has created for them. – Flipped Fairy Tales

I used to read Princess stories and odd fairy tales and have never found another book written like those until finding Starla Huchton’s Flipped Fairy Tales. I’m so delighted by Huchton’s writing style and quaint fairy tale adaptations. She is a wonderfully talented writer with an eye for re-imagining childhood favorites. Her style will grab you and plunk you down into a world that is familiar, yet unique. – Flipped Fairy Tales

The characters and the story were so very alive and imaginable in my mind. – Lex Talonis

Starla has built a powerful, mesmerizing plot full of characters that are emotionally appealing and fascinating to watch. – The Evolution Trilogy

What Huchton does in her superhero series is give us a real kick-butt female with real superpowers. Huchton has diverse characters that look and act different and have unique personalities. – The Evolution Trilogy

With her Endure Series, Huchton has written a great science fiction romance series for adults. Unlike her Evolution Series, which was more geared toward a younger adult audience, the Endure Series follows an older protagonist (albeit a twenty-something emergent adult) who just happens to be a child prodigy and genius with elevated maturity. The romance Huchton builds is powerful and intertwines between and amongst the science fiction aspects of the book as well as the overarching plotline and menace to the world of the protagonists. The way this romance is built and sustained is breathtaking and phenomenal. If you are a fan of romance, this book will give you that and so much more besides. – The Endure Series

Starla writes the books I always wanted to read.

Check her out on my Indie Stars Page here.