Wildlife Wednesdays: City vs. Country

I have lived in many places. I have lived in Florida, Oregon and Washington. I have moved several times within those states. I have also stayed for bouts of time in New York (city) and Ohio. I would not want to live in a large city like New York, I felt like the air was toxic and the shops were crowded. I wouldn’t necessarily say I want to live in the “country” but I love where I live right now. I live on the river in a cozy cabin. Jealous? If you look closely at the picture from my back porch you can see the elk crossing the river. I am right in the midst of nature, green grass, a racing river, and a  small pebbled beach. A 1/2 mile walk gets me to the gas station, tiny convenience store, liquor store, breakfast place, auto mechanic, and produce stand. I am only several miles from shopping centers, including the local Walmart and Costco. I live in the wild but close to civilization. As my dad would put it, “I’m living the dream.”