Wildlife Wednesdays: Kayaking the Cedar

Last weekend my dad and I took out the two-man blowup kayak down the Cedar River. It’s a great run because at the end we ended up in our own backyard. Even though the measured depth was 1.8 feet, we were still able to scoot along (half the time with our butts touching bottom). I highly recommend rafting the Cedar. In high summer, when the river is deeper people go down in black donuts, sometimes with a cooler in tow. One time I swear I saw someone on a mattress. Yes, a mattress. It floats. Beyond our portion of the river and around a few more bends at a takeout spot there is even a liquor store. Many times people going down the river would wave to us from their donuts and ask how much farther the liquor store was. Oh, river-goers.