Socializing Sundays: Little Gifts To Show You Care

Flowers, Chocolates, and Teddy Bears

These three items have been a standard in stereotypical gifts for a loved one to show that you care. How is it exactly that there is a ‘standard’ for the one unique person you care about? Surely all recipients are not the same? 

As a gift giver you need to show that you care about the person and not the consumer holiday. What does the person like (and it could very well be flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears) and how can you show them that you care about them in particular? 

I like chocolates but I despise boxed fancy chocolates because I am finicky about what I like and they always contain flavors I do not like. My chocolate favorites include confections like kit kats, twix, and haagen daz ice cream. 

I do not even like flowers, unless they are edible. If you are going to give me a living (once living) plant then it very well be edible. I have yet to receive any but I would most appreciate a tomato plant or a bouquet of tomatoes than a bouquet of something ‘pretty.’ 

I used to like teddy bears but I do not appreciate them any longer, now that I’m an adult. I think – gasp – they are useless and a waste of space. If I wanted a waste of space I would get a trophy. 

Great gift ideas come from knowing the other person more intimately, knowing what would surprise and please them. Don’t be generic, because the thanks you get will also be generic. Be original because your gift recipient is unique.