Socializing Sundays: Nice things that guys do that women secretly hate

The MSN homepage is fraught with pop-media. I don’t suggest reading their elementary articles full of simple facts and guessable endings but sometimes I just want to see what they say…. So I clicked on one that said, nice things guys do that women secretly hate. I disagree largely because the author of the article (more like pictures with captions) states these in a general truthfulness in that they are relatable to every relationship. Just like the author’s assumption that women secretly don’t like these “nice” things guys do he/she makes the same assumption of the audience agreeing with him/her. The nice things women secretly don’t like are as follows:

1. Calling us creepy nicknames

        For example: doll. As the article only gives one example of what “creepy” is I have trouble agreeing or disagreeing. Creepy is a fairly strong adjective and I wouldn’t want to be called anything creepy but if the word “doll” is considered creepy then I’m not sure I agree with this one. If it’s a blind date then it might be creepy but it could also be an acceptable form of endearment. Context is needed here.

2. Ordering for us in a restaurant

     Again, this one depends on the length and depth of relationship. Sometimes I like for him to order for me, especially in a restaurant say in a country he is familiar with and I am not. Or if we decide what we want and he “orders” for me when the waiter comes so then there isn’t an awkward pause of who goes first.

3. PDA on social media

      I would re-coin this to “excessive” PDA or unwanted PDA on social media. Just PDA once in a while is cute.

4. Assuming we like roses

     I like random thoughtful gifts but I agree wholeheartedly I don’t want all guys assuming I like roses. As I’ve mentioned previously, a bouquet of tomatoes or something edible (or not tainted by any hint of someone in a sweatshop poring over the flowers) is always preferable for me.

5. Getting a tattoo of our name or face anywhere on their body

    Never appropriate. Unless, agreed upon by both parties but I would still frown on it.  

6. Hopping in the shower with us (uninvited)

    Also depends on your level of relationship. If you hop in uninvited and lather up my hair or massage my shoulders I would always welcome the company.

7. Thinking sexy lingerie is a gift for us
        I have never received sexy lingerie as a gift and if someone could get my size right I would love to receive sexy lingerie as a gift! Have at it boys!

8. Dedicating a song for us at a karaoke bar

      Depending on how sappy you get and what song you’re singing, this doesn’t strike me as inappropriate or as something a woman would secretly despise.

9. Ordering one shake with two straws

      I love to share! Nowadays nobody really needs that super sized shake all to themselves, it’s huge and like 1000 calories! I think this is cute and romantic to share.