Toiling Tuesdays: Harassment Seminar and other important things

Today at my “corporate” job I had to take a non-harassment seminar. I remember in school when they showed those videos in the vein of “what not to do” such as not bullying or doing drugs. This seminar, and in particular, its video on common situations and responses reminded me of those early-age school videos. What I remember most prominently is the lack of similarity to real life situations but more so the lack of real responses. Someone smacks you on the a** and what do you do? Not what the employees in the video today did. How come these seminars don’t utilize contemporary videos with more realistic dialogue and reactions? It’s like taking a driving test in a course that has no real cars, you won’t truly learn until you go out on the real road. Just like the appropriate responses and actions in the movie are not relevant because they are contained in a dry and unlikely atmosphere. Why are all these videos from the 80’s anyways? Perhaps I should make string of contemporary videos that are updated every year to stay relevant so that they are realistic. I think it could be a huge moneymaker! Employers would subscribe to my business and I would send them new materials often because times change and so do situations and people, so should the materials you present in a non-harassment seminar.