How I Write a Book Review

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I am giving back to the writing community. You can too! By writing reviews for other authors, usually Indie authors, I am helping them and helping myself. In thoughfully picking at a book, I can learn about myself as a writer and a reader and learn a thing or two about writing in the process.

The following is my review policy and format of my reviews, as shown on my reviews tab:

I am not a professional reviewer, however, I am an avid reader and writer and know a thing or two about writing and books. Each review is based on my own personal thoughts and interpretations of the book and will be an honest review.

I do not take payment for reviews.

I do not work on any set deadlines as I have a busy schedule and will not always get to the book in as timely a manner as I would like.

At this time I prefer print books and will not return any materials that are sent to me.

Reviews will be posted on my blog first and foremost and then after a period of time they will be placed on Amazon and Goodreads. If the author so wishes, I can post the review on other sites as well.


The type of books that I like to review are (In no particular order):

Young Adult,


Science Fiction,

Historical Fiction,

Speculative Fiction,

General Fiction


If you are an Indie author looking for a great reader who enjoys most books, my TBR list is shrinking rapidly, and I will be on the lookout for more great prospects. Note, however, that I prefer physical copies for my reading pleasure.

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