Author Goals and Accomplishments from 2014 and Future Goals for 2015

2013 Writing Goals:

2014 Writing Goals:

  1. Publish At One’s Beast
  2. FreeValley Publishing anthology published with Ataxia promo short story Ataxia and the Girl of Lost Dreams
  3. Review all current FreeValley Publishing author’s books

*I have accomplished all my author goals for 2014!

2014 Accomplishments:

2015 Writing Goals:

  1. Create audiobook version of poetry book, Wandering Imagination
  2. Write manuscript for book 1 of Fantasy trilogy
  3. Send Children’s Book to Publishers
  4. Write manuscript of The Geocache Killer
  5. Get At One’s Beast 15 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -13, Amazon -11)
  6. Get Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams 20 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -9, Amazon -9)
  7. Finished and Published audiobook copy of At One’s Beast
  8. Submit some short stories to contests/publications
  9. Finish YA manuscript Donuts in an Empty Field

3 thoughts on “Author Goals and Accomplishments from 2014 and Future Goals for 2015

  1. What an awesome goals list, Rachel! I think you have to do what feels right for you. If you set small goals, reward yourself in some way when you achieve one of them. As far as your blog goes, think a little bigger (this is something I intend to cover soon) and do one BIG event each year. How or what is up to you, but use it to grow your network 🙂 I’ll have tips and suggestions on that tomorrow (Thursday is writing tip day lol). I love what you’re doing here. WRITE ON!


    • Writing tips, yay! Since switching from blogspot to wordpress I’ve seen huge growth in my network. Goodreads has also helped me find other authors. I hope to put something out there that adds to the chaos of the internet and not clutter it up too much. Thanks for the encouragement.


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