Author Thursdays: At One’s Beast Book Giveaway* Ending and Character Names’ Meanings

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Alcina –  Derived from the Latinized Greek mythological name Alcinous meaning, “Strong-willed.”

Zosimos – Latinized form of a Greek name derived from  Ζωσιμος meaning “viable” or “likely to survive.”

Aethon – Ancient Greek word means “burning” or “blazing” or “shining.”

Chalysta – Variant and Female version of the Greek Kallistos, meaning “most beautiful.”

Eudocia – Latinized form of the Greek name  Ευδοκια (Eudokia) meaning “good thought.”

Mara – Means “bitter” in Hebrew.

Yuridia – Greek for “noblewoman.”

Marina – Feminine form of Marinus meaning “of the sea.”

Spyros – Greek short form of spyridon meaning “basket” or “spirit.”



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