Nano ’14: Day 1 Update

unnamed unnamed (2)

Word count for the day: 5625

Total word count: 5625

Total Words to Write to be on track: 1667



Last night was quite exciting! I love the concept of Hallonanoween, beginning NaNoWriMo EXACTLY (Yes, Paul) at midnight on November 1st. I like timings that have special meanings. However… I didn’t go. It was a little bit too far and a little bit too late and I fell asleep. 😦 Next year!


To recap: My novel: Check back with me on this one in a few days… I may have changed my mind and novel entirely!

My goals: Win NaNoWriMo 2014 by writing 50k of the aforementioned novel, Lose 5 lbs

Means to Accomplish Said Goal:

My nano plan…

– No reading and reviewing Indie books until December (only reading for pleasure)!

– No working on other writing projects other than blog updates!

– November blogging to only be about NaNo and pre-written reviews!

– Exercise!

– Write every day!

– Clear my social calendar for more writing time!

– Get up earlier so I can write for an hour every day before work!

-Be excited and stay motivated!