Nano ’14: Day 7 Update

Word count for the day: 3,766

Total word count: 28,773

Total Words to Write to be on track: 11,667

Total words on Day 6: 25,0007

It’s time to come clean. I’ve been writing my socks off, just not on the novel I meant to. I got scared. Afraid I wasn’t ready and that I hadn’t planned adequately I was getting stressed as the days disappeared before Hallonanoween. I had joint pain and headaches. Then I had an idea and I got excited about NaNoWriMo again. Yes, it’s a young adult novel. Yes, it’s in familiar territory. Yes, it’s something I know and love. Yes, I started planning just days before November 1st. Yes I’m a pantser this year. And yes, it’s been going quite wonderfully. Check out my word counts if you don’t agree. I’ve been getting really into the idea and yesterday I had an epiphany on how to make the novel into the best ever! I know I need to work on oonphing up the plot and creating better character development. Hello editing in December! Now I know exactly how to do that, though and I’m very, very excited!

Here is the novel I’ve already written over 25k words of (too late to back out now and pretend I’m still writing the Geocache Killer):

Mark on the World by Rachel Barnard is a novel that lies somewhere between John Green and Suzy Vitello.

Vanessa was a shy, introverted girl before she found out she wouldn’t live to graduation. It had always been her best friend Nichole who dragged her out of her shell, but now it’s Vanessa with her list of Challenges who is learning to pull Nichole along. From sneaking into strip clubs, construction areas, and into trouble Vanessa learns to cope with death and dying. When everything falls apart in a school shooting showdown Vanessa will have to give up herself completely to save those she loves. Will this be the mark Vanessa is hoping to leave on the world or will she be forgotten in the aftermath of the tragedy?