Book Review: Claudia Must Die by T.B. Markinson


Claudia Must Die by T.B. Markinson

A Comedic Thriller Novel published by T. B. Markinson (07/13/14)


What if you could evade your imminent murder by setting up your doppelganger to die in your place, would you do it? For Claudia, it’s a given that Parker must die. Claudia doesn’t have room for guilt or remorse because Parker seems like she doesn’t enjoy life or have any friends or loved ones. On the forty ninth day of Claudia’s stakeout of Parker Mapes, the hired assassins show up to do the deed and Claudia’s plan seems to be going flawlessly. That is, until Parker’s lover shows up.


 Assassins, Violent Men, Guns, Killing, Comedy, Set-Up, Look-Alikes,

My Review:

T.B. Markinson delivers again with her fourth novel, Claudia Must Die, in a fast-paced comedic story of kill or be killed. Markinson has a way with descriptions and setting a scene to get the reader really involved with the story. The scenes are vivid and authentic. Each page invokes intrigue and keeps your attention. The author catches your attention with the vivid yet simple cover and keeps it from the very first sentence to the very last sentence.

This story was a very funny take on an assassination attempt with a side of attempted identity theft. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Markinson fueled the characters’ actions with real emotions and motivations. She didn’t put in anything extra while giving the story everything it needed. The backstory was written concisely and integrated seamlessly into the plotline.

The characters were larger than life, but believable and relatable. The dialogue was realistic and fun. One of my favorite lines was, “Too many people talk, yet I haven’t met anyone worth listening to.” (Location 565). This story was just too fun and I enjoyed every minute/page of it. It unfolded just like a comedic heist would in a movie. And hey, not everyone has to die.

This novel was published by T. B. Markinson July 13th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 5.0

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