Nano November: Week one in Review – Nano Word count: 30,262

Donutauthor photocrest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76

Total time spent: 16 hours and 40 minutes (1000 minutes)

Total word count: 30,262

Words per minute: 30.26 WPM

What a busy first week!

WIP Word Count Progress Reports:

The Optimist Sees the Donut – 18,721 words

The Pessimist Sees the Hole – 11,265 words

Café Connections (Aster & Tilde Book 1) – 20,640 words (12k of this written in October)

Day 1: 11/01/15, Sunday
• Seattle Region Kickoff St. James Espresso in Kirkland 10PM-11PM Oct 31st,
• At Home – morning (2773 words from 8:30AM – 10AM), evening and night (5:30PM -8PM for 4271 words)
• North Bend/Snoqualmie Region re-Kickoff Time Warp Write-in at Fall City Roadhouse 11:30AM-1PM, for 1520 words
• Seattle Region Verne and Wells 2:30PM-3:30PM for 1441 words
Noteworthy: Food poisoning had me abandoning the Seattle kickoff party early, but with the time change I was off to an early jumpstart the next morning and with multiple write-ins was able to round out my word count for the day.
Money spent: AFK: $17.20 for Bruschetta Cucco Panini and tots, Roadhouse: $18.44 for ricotta pancakes and OJ
Total time spent: 6 hours, 30 minutes
Total word count: 10,005

Day 2: 11/02/15, Monday
• Early at work 7:30AM – 8AM, 1k words
• At home 8PM – 8:45PM, 1004 words
Total time spent: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Total word count: 2104 words

Day 3: 11/03/15, Tuesday
• Early at work 7:20AM – 7:50AM, 1546 words
• Lunchtime at work 11:45AM-12:15PM, 983 words
• At Costco waiting for my new tires to be put on 7PM-7:45PM, 1425 words
Total time spent: 1 hour 45 minutes
Total word count: 3954 words

Day 4: 11/04/15, Wednesday
• Early at work 7:30AM – 8AM, 1391 words
• Neverending Bookstore write in 5PM – 5:40PM, 1500 words
Total time spent: 1 hour 10 minutes
Total word count: 2891 words

Day 5: 11/05/15, Thursday
• Early at work 7:20AM -7:50AM, 1148 words
• Spotted Cow 6:15PM – 7:45PM, 1683 words
Money spent: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Gelato $3.50 from the Spotted Cow
Total time spent: 2 hours
Total word count: 2831 words

Day 6: 11/06/15, Friday
• Early at work 7:50AM -8AM, 698 words
• At home 7:40PM – 8:30PM, 2507 words
Total time spent: 1 hour
Total word count: 3205 words

Day 7: 11/07/15, Saturday
• Never ending bookstore write in 1-3PM, 3264 words
• St. James Espresso write in 6:30PM – 7:30PM, 1998 words
Money spent: Brew in Bothell peach and raspberry smoothie for $3.56 12 oz. and St. James chai tea latte for $4.25
Total time spent: 3 hours
Total word count: 5262 words

4 thoughts on “Nano November: Week one in Review – Nano Word count: 30,262

  1. I love that you can write so fast. I’m not even sure I could type more than 30 words a minute consistently if they were in front of me! Do you compose your plot during this time or do you figure that out between actual typing time?


    • I mapped out my basic plot and the basic outline for my nano novels during October. I didn’t want to have to do plotting/outlining during my writing time, but do look up small details for better accuracy when I need to.


      • Thanks for the reply. I just can’t seem to plot out stories that way, though I do have a strong basic idea of where I’m going before start. My brain and characters throw me too many twists as I write for me to want to reign it in with an outline. For me NaNo is a super creative time and then I go back and weed out what works and hone that into the final novel. As a result my progress is slower during NaNo, I think, but so far I have always made the finish line and had good stuff to work with. It’s interesting to find out about everyone’s process. Sometimes I pick up some good tips to add to mine. Sharing your progress actively and often is one that I picked up from you. It keeps me very motivated to constantly move forward.


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