All About the Donuts – Future Donuts – Seize the Donut

Friday June 2nd, 2017 I plan to publish For the Love of Donuts Book 2 – Seize the Donut! This book will feature the stories of both Nichole and Vanessa as they start their lives beyond high school! This book will be a New Adult Contemporary Fiction book with POV from both Nichole and Vanessa and so much drama!

Here’s a little tease into book 2!

Their friendship has been the one unbreakable thing, the one certainty in their lives, but Nichole Adams and Vanessa Smith are developing into their own personas. The glimpse into who they are in Donuts in an Empty Field becomes glaringly obvious as they figure out what they want out of life during the college years.

Vanessa has never had many friends in her life, but Nichole is too preoccupied, and Nessa has to find her own way through through the whirlwind that is her college life. She has a job, she has school, she has social activities, but she can’t seem to find the right boyfriend.

Nichole is jealous of Vanessa’s ease of everything in the real world. Nessa has no trouble with jobs, money, school, or getting and going places. Nichole, on the other hand, was preemptively kicked out of her mom’s house after graduating high school and has been floundering ever since. The only thing she has easy in her life is flirting and finding a boyfriend, or at least a guy that will let her crash at his house.

I’m almost finished with this round of editing/plot restructuring and will be looking for beta readers soon so message me if you’re interested in reading Seize the Donut!

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