NaNo November: Week One Update – I don’t have time for this…

What a week this has been. I have, in no particular order:

  • Spilled milk all over my dress pants and cried
  • Worn a shirt inside out for half the day
  • Worked 60 hours
  • Backstaged a local show (Wednesday/Friday rehearsal and Saturday performance)
  • Stayed up past midnight for Hallonanoween in my new onesie pajamas
  • Written over 12k words in my Nano novel
  • Worked every day and woke up early every day
  • Spent approximately 1o hours in traffic
  • Went to 3 write ins (opening, Issy writers, St. James, and SnoValley Coffee)
  • Lost 2 lbs
  • Lost it at a Costco
  • Gotten a flat tire
  • Had too much caffeine
  • Cursed like a sailor
  • Got behind and caught up
  • Felt like a failure
  • Felt like a success
  • Was happy
  • Was sad
  • Was frustrated
  • Hopeful that next week will be less insane


Photo taken by the man on the right at the SnoValley Coffee write in

20161031_235815 20161105_222956

Left – Hallonanoween and my new onesie! Right – beautiful cupcake from the show on Saturday


Never been this empty before…


The terrible flat.


Doughnut and writing at SnoValley Coffee