Book Review: MORE (MORE Trilogy Book 1) by T. M. Franklin


MORE (MORE Trilogy Book 1) by T. M. Franklin

A Fantasy Novel published by The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House (10/3/12)


Ava is failing physics. Her professor proposes a tutor at no cost to her and she jumps at the chance, since she needs to pass the class to keep her scholarship. She can’t afford tuition without the scholarship and spends enough time working to make up the difference anyways. Her tutor, Caleb Foster, seems to be everywhere in Ava’s life and she doesn’t much mind, other than that funny feeling she keeps getting that she’s being watched.


Supernatural, Paranormal, Race, Powers, Super Powers, Physics, College, Diner, Working, Romance, Drama, Humans, Protection, Fighting, Fleeing, Taking a Stand, Capture, Threat, Elimination

My Review:

The first half of this book was rather boring and I kept waiting for the action to pick up, which it did, with a fury. Suddenly Ava’s life was turned upside down and she was in constant fleeing mode.

Though the book was slow to get going, the ending was much more satisfying, but by that point I was ready to put the series down. The plot twists were too convenient, moving characters where they were needed in the narrative without proper placement within the plot. Characters like Lucy and Ava’s childhood friend were dropped off when Ava’s story took off. The plot just didn’t do it for me. The story wasn’t different enough from all those other “chosen one” novels and the paranormal aspect was not original either. I also didn’t feel like I ever really got to know Ava as a person before she was swept up into her supernatural character role.

This novel was published by The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House on October 3rd, 2012 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.25

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