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Pre-Order now!

Friday June 2nd, 2017 I plan to publish For the Love of Donuts Book 2 – Seize the Donut! This book will feature the stories of both Nichole and Vanessa as they start their lives beyond high school! This book will be a New Adult Contemporary Fiction book with POV from both Nichole and Vanessa and so much drama! Haven’t read the first book? No problem! This book is standalone, but if you want to read the first book (get it here)- it will be on sale for $2.99 until June 2nd.

This story, unlike the first book, follows the two girls as two dueling POV characters and how their stories intersect and diverge. They are part of each other’s stories, but not the main focus.

Vanessa wants to be independent from her friend. She wants to make new friends and fit in and leave her past behind, but it still comes back to her in the form of her PTSD. Hiding behind her new self will cause issues with her new friends, her family, and her new boyfriend.

Nichole wants to go back in time to when she was best friends with Vanessa and life wasn’t so hard! She ends up losing her housing, her car, her job, and some of her sanity. After meeting some good people she is able to start picking herself back up again (without Vanessa!) Nichole is the independent one, until she gets in over her head again.

Other major characters – Bruce from book one is back as the hot senior at the college Vanessa attends. He works at the local Starbucks and is studying psychology. He takes an interest in Nichole. Jax is the hot bad boy who has a thing for Vanessa, but he’s no good for her. Vanessa’s two new friends – Hazel and Zelda are the embodiment of New College (a real public liberal arts college in Florida). New College features prominently, as do some other local businesses in the Sarasota area.

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