The Lost Train – An Anthology by Local Authors from FreeValley Publishing with Art from North Bend Art & Industry

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology will be Released September 1st. 
Limited signed copies available through NBAI’s Silent Auction starting August 24th. Copies available through NBAI &


An anthology by local authors and artists presenting a diversity of visions, ideas and genres interpreted in seven short stories and ten works of art. Created for enjoyment by all ages, on the theme: The Lost Train. A cooperative collection from FVP Books Authors and NBA&I Artists. Proceeds benefit non-profit Arts organization: North Bend Arts & Industry.

The project rallied artists to work together online while isolated during the lockdown and continues to support and inspire them through this time of social separation and change. They are excited to share these stories and artworks to encourage and entertain the community around them as well.

~An old train lost on an abandoned stretch of tracks inspires teens to imagine haunting train whistles in the night and other RAILWAY TALES. By Jeffrey Cook * Paired Artist: Lesia Tiongson.

~A tale of a mysterious gold heist follows a lost train of the past into the forest to find THE SHANGHAIED TRAIN. By David S. Moore * Paired Artist: Leslie Kreher.

~A young woman finds herself AT A LOSS when her train of thought careens through modern life and a state of ‘great collective trauma’. By Casondra Brewster * Paired Artist: Gayll Morrison.

~A remarkable coffee shop turned intergalactic train, offers escape from a dystopic earth. An eclectic mix of vibrant souls seek tracks to a more hopeful future on THE L.O.S.T. TRAIN. By Tommia Wright * Paired Artist: Madison Wachter.

~A child’s whim nearly causes the loss of his best train-friend, Folio. Captain Spyglass keeps watch as FOLIO THE BRAVE ventures into the perils of Dreamland to keep Anatole from growing up too soon. By Victoria Bastedo * Paired Artist: Pepper Allphin.

~Thoughts run OFF THE RAILS into dementia and alternate reality. Love stories run parallel through tests of time. Can a steam train break through space-time into dimensions of the mind? Is it true, all you need is love? By Sheri J. Kennedy & Kennedy J. Quinn * Paired Artists: Kristin Tetuán and Cameron Tower & Ellen Rowan.

~The theft of an Airbnb train car triggers feelings of lost stability, financial independence, and freedom. It takes a village to solve the mystery and SAVOUR the moment. By Rachel Barnard * Paired Artist: Stefanie Allison

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