What I Ate in ~3 Months – P90X review – 6/15/20 – 9/21/20

I finished! My partner and I successfully completed the P90X exercise program! Though we may not have completed every workout and we may have skipped some days here and there, we have gone all the way through the 90 day program. I feel accomplished! At times it became repetitive but there was also a comfort to knowing what each exercise entailed. My partner knows so many Tony Horton phrases now…

But what is P90X and what did I really think about it?

P90X is a fitness program, part of the BeachBodyonDemand website of workout programs. You can follow their schedule and work out to their videos and follow along with their nutrition plan. The workouts are repetitions of the same workout for 3 weeks with a ‘recover’ week in between each set of 3 weeks. The workouts are 6-7 days a week and the workouts are typically 45-55 minutes (with the abs workout 3x/week for an additional 16 minutes). The workouts became long and repetitive at times. I prefer shorter workouts with more diverse sets of moves. Sometimes, especially towards the end of the program, as soon as my partner was done with the workout, I was glad to quit working too. We kind of just got bored of the program and were tired of an hour a day almost every day of the week devoted to P90X!

I tend to eat gluten free and dairy free >50% of the time, so we followed our own nutrition plan. We attempted to eat low carb on days where we didn’t have a cardio workout and then more ‘cheat’ type meals on the weekends. We both did a BodyScan at the beginning of the program and at the end.

I decreased my fat tissue by 3 lbs. and increased my lean tissue by 4 lbs. in just these three months! Total weight change according to the BodyScan was +1.2 lbs., but as you can see from my home scale data below, I lost 2.2 lbs. initially and then slowly gained a few lbs. back. My home scale tells me that I ultimately ‘lost’ 0.4 lbs. but the BodyScan tells me that I converted 3 lbs. of fat to muscle and added on an additional pound of muscle! Woot woot! Interestingly enough, my VAT is the lowest of my three measurements (taken 1/4/19, 6/16/20, and 9/22/20).


Data Time! 14 weeks’ total

14 weeks: 6/15 – 9/20
386 total miles biked
5231 minutes/87 hours worked out total
Average resting heart rate: 67.3
Average ounces of water/day: 62
Days without gluten: 65/126
Days without dairy: 35/126
Total Body Fat change: 29.2% to 26.5%

Month one: 6/15 – 7/12
145 total miles biked
2044 minutes/34 hours worked out total
Average resting heart rate: 65.2
Average ounces of water/day: 62.3
Days without gluten: 26/28
Days without dairy: 22/28
Weight change from home scale: – 2.2lbs

Month two: 7/13 – 8/9
89 total miles biked
1212 minutes/20.2 hours worked out total
Average resting heart rate: 68
Average ounces of water/day: 62
Days without gluten: 20/28
Days without dairy: 10/28
Weight change from home scale: +1.2lbs

Month three: 8/10 – 9/6
150 total miles biked
1310 minutes/22 hours worked out total
Average resting heart rate: 66
Average ounces of water/day: 60
Days without gluten: 11/28
Days without dairy: 2/28
Weight change from home scale: +0.6 lbs

Month four (2 weeks): 9/7 – 9/20
2 total miles biked
665 minutes/11hours worked out total
Average resting heart rate: 70
Average ounces of water/day: 64
Days without gluten: 8/14
Days without dairy: 1/14
Total Body Fat: 26.5%

Food Pictures! Not all meals/snacks are pictured… Not everything pictured was eaten by me…