Foodie Fridays: Eggs and Toast

One of the Simple Joys in Life:


Scrambled eggs:
cream cheese
When I think of “breakfast” I think of heart-killing calorie/cholesterol loaded foods that are slathered in grease and butter. They are both hard on the stomach and hard on your digestion. Here is a slight alternative breakfast of champions. The scrambled eggs are crafted with plenty of vegetables and only a dab of oil. The toast is homemade and you could leave off the spread because it was so fresh, even though in this instance I chose to add it. The pastrami is an elegant touch but not necessary (for vegetarian’s sake). Wolf down with a cup of tea and you will be golden for the rest of the day. 

Foodie Fridays: Foley’s Produce


I love Foley’s! They improve the neighborhood immensely and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to buy from a local vendor who sells local produce with that local feel of your neighborhood market. Their produce is amazing in and of itself and they have screaming good deals on several things all the time (Granny smith apples $0.79/lb). They may be a small stand in the midst of a plethora of big box grocers but they have quite the variety, supplying organic options among the regular options, even providing such goods as homemade bread, eggs, honey, and jams. Foley even grows and sells some of his own plants. I highly recommend Foley’s and will be back again and again.

Phone: (4253012131
21409 Renton/Maple Val­ley RD SE
Maple Valley, WA 98038