Christmas Traditions – the Barnard Family

What are your Holiday Traditions?

Mine involve: special dip cake (family recipe) Christmas morning breakfast, opening stockings all at once, special method of opening presents (youngest family member picks the first to give to the person it’s to and then that person opens the present and then picks another present for a different family member to open and so on), the Christmas feast…

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (7) 20151225_AnacortesChristmas (2)

My Christmas outfit and our tree at my grandparent’s house.

20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (5) 20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (3) 20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (4)

Traditional Barnard Dip Cake recipe for Christmas morning

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (4) 20151225_AnacortesChristmas (5) 20151225_Christmas_Anacortes1

Opening presents and my stocking haul (check out my donut!)

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (6)

After Christmas presents and breakfast walk

20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (5) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (1)

20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (2) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (3) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (4)

20151225_Christmas_Anacortes2 20151225_Christmas_Anacortes3

Our feast! Green bean casserole, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, chicken Wellington, and grandma’s salads. For dessert Debbie and I went to the internet to make no bake Nutella cheseecake