Book Review: For the Love of Christmas by Starla Huchton

For the Love of Christmas by Starla Huchton

A Sweet Romance Novel published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (10/30/17)


Santa has polar flu and needs a replacement, but Mr. Klaus only has a daughter, Meri, and she hasn’t married yet. Meri loves reverse engineering toys. She loves Christmas. She loves her family. It is up to her to find the new Santa, but she only has a few weeks to find the right man to fit the job. Brett Dunning has not celebrated Christmas in 7 years, since his wife died giving birth to his daughter, Holly. If the magic of Christmas points to Brett, will Meri be able to convince him to give the holidays a chance again?


Christmas, Santa, Santa’s Daughter, Tradition, Family Business, Snow, Holidays, Single Parent, Romance, Love, Friendship, Magic, Holiday Spirit, Choir, Baking

My Review:

This story is a bit unbelievable with the whole’ Santa is real aspect,’ but once you get over that, it’s a wonderfully sweet romance. The characters were simple, yet fully developed and full of personality and quirks. This is a family friendly romance – sweet for the holidays.

Meri is the perfect daughter, friend, and wife. Is it the magic of Christmas and her family history that makes her smell so sweet, gives her super sympathy and loads of patience, and all around makes her perfect? Brett is more down to earth and realistic as a person. He loves his daughter, but can’t get over his love of his late wife easily.

Every scene with Holly in it was beautiful. I loved how Meri and Brett both interacted with her and how alive she felt as a young child. The doting love that both Brett and Meri gave to Holly was wonderful and endeared both Meri and Brett even more to me as a reader.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. on 10/30/2017 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

Links for more information:

Starla Huchton’s Website


Christmas Traditions – the Barnard Family

What are your Holiday Traditions?

Mine involve: special dip cake (family recipe) Christmas morning breakfast, opening stockings all at once, special method of opening presents (youngest family member picks the first to give to the person it’s to and then that person opens the present and then picks another present for a different family member to open and so on), the Christmas feast…

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (7) 20151225_AnacortesChristmas (2)

My Christmas outfit and our tree at my grandparent’s house.

20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (5) 20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (3) 20151225_Dipcakes_Anacortes_Christmas_Morning (4)

Traditional Barnard Dip Cake recipe for Christmas morning

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (4) 20151225_AnacortesChristmas (5) 20151225_Christmas_Anacortes1

Opening presents and my stocking haul (check out my donut!)

20151225_AnacortesChristmas (6)

After Christmas presents and breakfast walk

20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (5) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (1)

20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (2) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (3) 20151225_Anacortes_ChristmasDinner (4)

20151225_Christmas_Anacortes2 20151225_Christmas_Anacortes3

Our feast! Green bean casserole, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, chicken Wellington, and grandma’s salads. For dessert Debbie and I went to the internet to make no bake Nutella cheseecake

Local Events to Get More Books! Si View Holiday Bazaar (N. Bend WA) and Maple Valley Holiday Bazaar (WA)

Si View Holiday Bazaar in North Bend, WA
December 5th 2015 10AM-3PM
Cost: Free 

More Info

The Si View Community Center is holding its annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 from 10am to 3pm. Si View Community Center, located in the center of North Bend, offers a quaint atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to this Holiday tradition. See some pictures from last year’s event here. Facebook event page here.


Maple Valley Holiday Bazaar in Maple Valley, WA
December 5th 2015 10AM-3PM
Cost: Free 

More Info

The Maple Valley Community Center is holding its annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 from 10am to 3pm. Maple Valley Community Center, located in the center of Maple Valley, offers a quaint atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to this Holiday tradition.

Two equally quaint, equally fun local Holiday gift-finding bazaar’s! Please come out and show your support for small local businesses, say hi to the authors at their booth and get some books!


Rachel’s Wish List

If you are so inclined as to celebrate gift giving of any kind and have included me on a list but are short on ideas here is a list of what I currently crave:

  • Book recommendations
  • Kindle/Amazon gift cards
  • Tea (no cinnamon)
  • Reviews for At One’s Beast and Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams
  • Chapstick (no cinnamon)
  • Recommendations for a phone
  • Recommendations for a car
  • Prepper food (such as the Alpine Aire diced apples)


This list is also good for my birthday on January 22nd. I’m currently planning a party for my birthday locally in Kirkland (home of my birth place) so if you’re local you should come! More details will be revealed as time draws closer to the new year.