Foodie Fridays: Loaded Angry Orchard (Hard Cider)

angry orchard (1) angry orchard (2)


I’m not an avid drinker of beer and slide towards the hard cider end of things. I love some good hard apple cider and Washington is full o f Angry Orchard. I saw this bad boy at Costco and decided to give it a try. It came in around $9 and around 10% alcohol by volume and boy could I taste it. This was so far from the lovely sweet hint of alcohol taste of the regular Angry Orchards that I was deeply disappointed. The flavor was more like cough syrup than any hard cider I have ever tasted. My opinion? Stay away from high percent ABV beers/ciders if you’re in it for the taste.

Foodie Fridays: Why Rice Milk is my go-to milk substitute


Milk goes with….

just to drink it
stir fry cream thickener

Does almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, etc go with these foods/in these instances?

Not in my opinion.

Here is my personal milk acceptance list for taste/appropriateness pairing

Type of Milk
Dipping Cookies
Traditional (cow’s) milk
Goat/Sheep Milk
In small quantities
Rice Milk
Soy Milk
In the mood
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Not really
With certain types

Rice milk is the bomb!

Here is Costco’s link to their lovely organic unsweetened rice milk:*&lang=en-US

Foodie Fridays: Costco Dilemma


Big Box Dilemma
As some of you readers may know I am a Costco fanatic. However, after reading about Big Box Business and their evil plans to take over the world, I feel torn for my love of Costco and my desire to promote independent local businesses. 

Here are some others who are addicted to Costco….

I think I have found a compromise, prepper foods from Costco and all other foods from the local Maple Valley Market and Foley’s. Not sure about my hygiene products…. Does the Market have the shampoo I like? To be continued….

Socializing Sundays: Simple Dates

Socializing Sundays: Simple Dates
I keep a list of dates in my “to do” list not because they are things I need to do but I like to keep the ideas written down where I can find them. Recently a guy told me that in his younger days he didn’t date much because he was poor, i.e. he couldn’t AFFORD to date. I believe that this is a very incorrect statement. You don’t always have to invest a lot of money on a date. You can invest time and effort instead. Sure, a lot of conventional dates cost money (bowling, movies, restaurants) but dating doesn’t have to always consist of the expensive things or out-of-your-budget things. Occasionally you can plan on a conventional date and save up the necessary funds but in the meantime you don’t have to stay home and stare at the wall. Here is a preliminary list of ideas for you lug-heads:
1. Cook something intricate together
2. Plan a personal wine tasting (Wine can be as cheap as $3-$4 a bottle)
3. Karaoke (Some restaurants host karaoke and you can spend minimal amounts)
4. Geocaching picnic adventure
5. Or just geocaching.
6. Flashmob (free dance class and awesome memories)
7. Costco (samples are free and hot dogs are still $1.50 and you can do your grocery shopping together)
8. Hiking
9. Free community events (Craigslist is where I found flashmobs, dodgeball, and writing groups)