Maple Valley Days Aftermath

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Our FreeValley Publishing booth at Maple Valley days this year!

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Check out what the Creative Woodsculpture guy did!20160612_MapleValleyDays_FVP (7)

I got really tired after volunteering all weekend in the info booth!20160612_MapleValleyDays_FVP (4)

The Sasquatch being lifted onto the Wood Sculpture guy’s truck20160612_MapleValleyDays_FVP (2)

Maple Valley Days a Success


(Photo courtesy of Sheri J. Kennedy)

What a beautiful booth! The new canopy tent worked out really well, easy set up and tear down. We sold a good number of books even though the weather was quite poor over the weekend and the entire festival had record low numbers of attendance. Jeff was wonderful and manned the booth the entire time! Go Jeff! We met a number of aspiring authors. Overall the event was a success and thanks to all for helping out.

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(Photos courtesy of Sheri J. Kennedy)

Maple Valley Days and FreeValley Publishing

It quite difficult to publish a novel but that’s not where the self-published author can throw in the towel and head to the beach on vacation. Not at all, my word-inspired friends. A self-published author is not just the writer of the novel, but also the producer and manager. The author markets and researches. The author creates websites and promotional materials and goes to events to promote their book. And that takes hard work and quite a bit of determination.

Not all authors walk down the same path when they send a book out to be published, many more authors today are self-publishing and acting as their own agent. Some call them author-publishers. Some call them crazy. Come see for yourself what it is like to self-publish and promote your own book at Maple Valley Days. Two of your very own Maple Valley writers, as well as authors from North Bend and Snoqualmie will be at the FreeValley Publishing booth. Many of these writers are experts at self-publishing and are highly aware of the book-publishing industry. Everyone has a book inside, come read ours and see if you are ready to write yours.


Maple Valley Days 2014, June 13-15. FreeValley Publishing booth located near the Info booth.


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Author Thursdays: Maple Valley Creative Arts Festival

Maple Valley Days this weekend!!!!


Taken from the website:


The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council proudly presents the Fifteenth Annual Arts Festival hosted at the Lake Wilderness Lodge (22500 SE 248th, MV). This popular event coincides with the annual community celebration, Maple Valley Days and is the must see highlight of the weekend. Arts Festival will include a live performance area (poetry, music, dance, etc.), indoor gallery space for display of visual arts, artists’ demonstrations and hands on art activities for children.

NEW this year will be a special Saturday Night Open Mic. We are adding this very popular event to celebrate our 15th anniversary of supporting and cultivating local artists .  Along with the amazing talent that Open Mic attracts, we will have our first Poetry Slam.  Also check out the Photo Page for last year’s Arts Festival award winning artwork.


Friday, June 7Opening Night & Artists Reception Gala,  7PM,  Tickets $10 per person

Saturday, June 8Free Admission:
                  12:00 pm – 6:00    Juried and Salon Art Show
                                         Youth & Children’s Art Show
                                          Children’s Art Activity Corner
                    1:00 pm – 3:00    Art Demonstration by Nicole Notch
                   12:00 pm – 4:00   Stage  Performances

Sunday, June 9Free Admission:
                  10:00 am – 5:00 pm   Juried and Salon Art Show
                                                    Youth & Children’s Art Show
                                                    Children’s Art Activity Corner
                   12:00 pm – 2:00        Art Demonstration by Clayopatra Arts Studio
                    1:30 pm – 4:30         Art Demonstration by Gary LaTurner
                  11:00 am – 3:00 pm   Stage Performances  

The Arts Festival is part of the Maple Valley Days: