Local Event: Destination Staycation at the AFK Renton, WA June 27



8 local independent authors come together for one event. Selling and signing books all afternoon and evening.
AJ Downey, Sechin Tower, Lee French, Connie Jasperson, Lindsay Schopfer, Stephen Matlock, David Moore and Jeffrey Cook are the featured authors this time around.

at 2:00pm – 9:00pm
AFK Elixirs & Eatery

3750 E Valley Rd, Renton, Washington 98055
I’m excited to see some authors I’ve been reading and meet some new ones! Who’s coming down for burgers, beers, and/or books???

Book Review: Mind Space Volume 1: Conspiracy / Book 2: Restoration by David S. Moore

mind space book 2

Mind Space Volume 1: Conspiracy / Book 2: Restoration by David S. Moore

A Science Fiction Novel published on amazon.com (01/10/2014)


 Book one of the Mind Space Series ended with the Alliance broken apart and the giant corporation Jaimeson-Cale taking a hit from a terrorist attack that cut off their ability to use the mind control aspect of the Mind Shield while still being able to monitor for certain health conditions. Version 3 of the Mind Shield is introduced in this novel Restoration as the ability of the Mind Shield to eliminate drug addiction. Sounds great, right? Not if you are forced to get a Mind Shield. This second book in Moore’s series introduces the more nefarious sales tactics of Jaimeson-Cale. They will do anything to get the sale, but not just to build their bottom line or please their investors. Moore gives us more background into the ultimate purpose of the Mind Shield in this second book: Mind Space. Mind Space will be version 7, the final version, of the Mind Shield that will create a sense of community bond in order to bring about spiritual purity. The catch is that Mind Space cannot exist unless 73% of the population of the world have Mind Shields. On top of that number, Jaimeson-Cale already promised Mind Shield users that version 7 and Mind  Space will be available in 2084. The projection of sales doesn’t even come close after the attack of ’55, but they have strategies to build up their user base and with the release of each version hope to convert new followers to their cause. The only problem is the introduction of competition in the market in the form of the Limbic Freedom. Limbic Freedom’s endgoal is simple: to combat the Mind Shield and keep Mind Space from happening

“The Mind Shield was a nemesis. The best tool that they had to defend against it was Limbic Freedom — of that she was certain. It had a mass appeal, it was simple to use, and most importantly it was based on freedom of choice. Let the user decide what to do. The Mind Shield was designed to mold the user to its purposes — or rather, those of its masters. Mind Space is the promised future for those who enjoy the privileges of Mind Shield.” (Page 217).



Science Fiction, Mind Control, America 2050’s, Technology, Resistance Movement, Rival Product, Monopoly, Free Market, Restoration


My Review:

This series speaks to me in so many ways. It deals with business, marketing, medical devices, manipulating the public into buying a product, regulatory concerns, bureaucracy, underdogs, good versus evil, gray areas, consumer psychology, etc. I get angry when Jaimeson-Cale uses underhanded (and at times) illegal business practices to make a sale of the Mind Shield. I root for the Limbic Freedom and the Alliance to shut down sales of the Mind Shield. I get nervous when Jaimeson-Cale has the upper hand. Moore is so adept at pulling me emotionally into the book on so many levels and yet, he doesn’t answer all my questions. How much does the Mind Shield or the Limbic Freedom cost? How is there no health concern with the transmittal of information from the nanites in the brain to the monitoring database at jaimeson-Cale? Are there no side effects at all from either device?

Moore answered some of the questions in this second book that I had brought from reading the first book. He delves into the past of Jaimeson-Cale and how they developed the nanite technology and how they created their model of different versions unveiled every six years and ultimate plan of development. Moore introduces us to Adam True, an ingenious scientist with so much potential, he just had to develop a stunted philosophy (or is it?) about community and freedom. True’s philosophy and his mindset on  humanity and community are similar to the concept in the series Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. If you haven’t converted, you get left behind. The difference between Left Behind and Adam True’s vision of Mind Space is that no one will be left behind because anyone who has not chosen to get a Mind Shield would invariably be forced to have one or be killed.

Mind Space might seem like utopia, but anyone who is not currently hosting a Mind Shield would think differently. I envision Mind Space as a great connection between all Mind Shields, except that individuality is censored and the collective consciousness is just the nice version of that collective conscious in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick. Mind Space is like teeth in a comb, all the same parts of a whole instead of like pine cones on a tree, mostly similar but uniquely different. That sounds perfectly wretched to me, to be forced to think the same as everyone else. To Mind Shield hosts and Adam True followers, Mind Space is like Ragnarok, with a cult following ready for a specific day’s event in the ever-nearing future.

Moore begins gearing up his characters for war. There has already been the terrorist attack at the end of book one and the underhanded sales techniques in book two. “Eventually the polite  competition of products in the marketplace would be transformed into an all out war for the minds of the masses.” (Page 392).

Hopefully Limbic Freedom can combat the Mind Shield, it monitors the same health conditions that versions 1 and 2 of the Mind Shield monitors and allows the user complete freedom of choice and control of thought. There is a key difference between the two devices, more than just the lack of mind control capabilities in the Limbic Freedom. Moore most likely has faith in humanity and I do not. Limbic Freedom requires configuration, learning, and training and Mind Shield does not. I’m assured that most people would rather the convenience of control than the inconvenience associated with the freedom of choice and thought. If it takes time to make the Limbic Freedom device capable of the same things as the Mind Shield, it won’t appeal to a large portion of society. Isn’t that why the Limbic Freedom was such a hit in the first place, because it treated obesity/overweightness by buffering the user from their own lack of willpower?

Moore throws short detailed scenes throughout the book, where the reader is presented a first-hand account of a character’s experience with the Limbic Freedom or the Mind Shield. This was very Stephen Kingesque of him and I rather enjoyed the brief evidence each scene brought to my side of the fence, where both the Mind Shield and Jaimeson-Cale are evil.

A new depth is introduced in book two regarding the type of Mind Shields produced. There are levels of Mind Shields with levels of controls built in, as if they are directives for robots. Moore also connects the Mind Shield and its directives specifically to the Way of Truth, gearing up for the big finish in his next novel of the series, Mind Space.

Is it truly bad to be a sheep in society if there were no addictions, anxiety, depression, hate, envy, etc? Mahatma Ghandi said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”


I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a well written novel and easy-to-read science fiction novel. This book reminds me of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke  in it’s sweeping narration through long periods of time with a focus on a single aspect of society.

This novel was published through Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 01/10/2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.75


Links for more information:

David S. Moore’s Website

FreeValley Publishing’s David S. Moore

FreeValley Publishing Authors: Upcoming Live Event at Snoqualmie Days

The Block Party - FPC


Remember that countdown timer on my blog? it’s for this event! Come see FreeValley Publishing’s booth and snag all those books you haven’t read yet. Check out new books by Rachel Barnard (At One’s Beast), Victoria Bastedo (Roots Entwine) and Jeffrey Cook (Dawn of Steam Gods of the Sun). For more information on FreeValley Publishing, check out their website here!

Authors will be available to meet you and to sign books. The event is at Center Blvd SE, Snoqualmie, WA from 10-5. Hope to see you there!


Aftermath of the North Bend Block Party This Past Saturday

fvp North Bend Block Party


I always have fun at these local festivals and enjoy spending time chatting with my local author buddies. We had such great support from the FreeValley Publishing authors, see how many we stuffed back in our space? My favorite booth was ours of course! Second was two booths down with the fresh picked blueberries from Cle Elum.

North Bend Block Party Author Appearances!

2014 North Bend Block Party poster

The FreeValley Publishing authors will host a booth at North Bend Days. Come down, show your support, listen to some music, and play games! For more information on FreeValley Publishing, the authors involved, and the books available for purchase, click here.

Book Review: Mind Space Vol. 1: Conspiracy Book 1: The Martyrs by David S. Moore


Mind Space Vol. 1: Conspiracy Book 1: The Martyrs by David S. Moore

A Science Fiction Novel published on amazon.com (01/10/2014)


The Mind Shield is a medical miracle and for two years after FDA clearance, it is sold and subsidized to the public with specific focused targeting on those in office and those in the military, as well as those over the age of 50, a population susceptible to what the Mind Shield 1 monitors for: Hypertension and stroke. At the turn of the third year, the secret and real intentions of the Mind Shield are turned on and suddenly all those millions with the Mind Shield are not just being monitored by the device. Marianna sums up the struggle of those opposed to the Mind Shield on page 330, “The Mind Shield is a device that takes away our most sacred right — the freedom to think whatever we choose, without external influence! It is time we put a stop to this dangerous product. It it time we told the FDA to remove this psychological weapon from the market.”



Science Fiction, Mind Control, America 2050’s, Technology, Resistance Movement, Sabotage, the Martyrs


My Review:

In a world where healthcare is being reformed and new advanced medical devices are being developed all the time, David S. Moore’s novel hits hard. The essential essence of his book is wholly entrancing. The questions he brings up are deviously difficult to answer. After finishing his book, I am still wondering whether the Mind Shield is good or bad. Is our own society moving towards a product that could be taken advantage of and used for nefarious purposes just like the Mind Shield – a Trojan horse? The Mind Shield  is the greatest medical marvel of the 2050’s and newer versions get better and better,saving more and more lives, but at what cost? The technology is easily used to not only monitor but control and therein lies the paradox.

“There are some people who really need a Mind Shield,” Traci said. “They need the monitoring that the Mind Shield offers. People with high risk of stroke. People who have cancer.” (page 258).

The organization opposed to the Mind Shield cannot simply shut down and destroy the entire Jaimeson-Cale operations, because the Mind Shield undoubtably saves lives. But to many characters in the novel (those not currently under the influence of the mind controlling aspect of the Mind Shield) it is not worth the personality change and control just to have the comfort of the monitoring abilities of the device. It is not worth it to give up individuality for comfort and peace of mind. This essential question is answered by David S. Moore in his novel, just like it is answered in dictatorship-held nations or bland fictional Utopian societies. Moore brings up the question in regards to a life-saving and life-changing miracle. The Mind Shield can save your life, but what life will you have under its influence? Such an essential thought-provoking concept makes for such a beguiling read. As this is a series, Moore has given me ample reason to read on.

Not only has Moore intrigued me with the essential idea of his novel, but also with the way he tells the story. I love a good apocalypse novel, yet most of them focus on the aftermath and the destruction that society must live beyond. Moore gives us a taste for the actual apocalypse and the slow devolution of humanity through this singular device that is heralded both as a great medical miracle and as an evil instrument of mind control.

He tells the story with care and focus, specializing on the effects of the Mind Shield device and those leaders involved in its inception, production, and (hopefully) ultimate demise. As a reader, I am rooting for the triumph of humanity. I hold my breath for the second and third books in the series to find out if humanity will win in the end or realize their great mistakes in approving the Mind Shield and allowing it to pervade into society and then control its citizens.

At times, due to the way Moore focuses on the Mind Shield across time, I lose details into how the world is changing or what the world is like other than the few details and complete focus on the Mind Shield. In the 2050’s is the Mind Shield the only modern marvel? Moore does mention other everyday technological devices, hinting into the environment of the world and the advancement of the society. He gives just enough detail to quench my thirst while still leaving me wanting more. He reiterates the Mind Shield sales pitch and how the device works on a technical level to the point where a layman can almost completely understand its inner-workings, which, as a layman, I very much appreciate.

I was a bit disturbed that the “good” guys (those opposed to the Mind Shield) used kidnapping as a means to accomplish their ends, to deprogram those who had been under the influence of the device. As Dr. Orville declares to Lucia, “ We’re in the business of freeing minds, not enslaving them.” (page 88-89). Yet, he condones kidnapping, which one could argue takes away as much of a person’s basic human rights as mind control. Moore amends this by later saying that there was a case of a doctor being prosecuted for kidnapping and sent to prison for 30 years (page. 209), thereby re-establishing a world of justice and balance in his novel and in my mind as a reader.

The format of the novel was fairly standard and easy to read. I got a bit bogged down in the lengthy title and amount of exclamation points, but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed David S. Moore’s first book in his Mind Space series and look forward to reading the next novel, Restoration.


I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a well written novel and easy-to-read science fiction novel. This book reminds me of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke  in it’s sweeping narration through long periods of time with a focus on a single aspect of society.

This novel was published through Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 01/10/2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.75


Links for more information:

David S. Moore’s Website

FreeValley Publishing’s David S. Moore


David S. Moore’s novels will be available for purchase at the local North Bend Days Event, so make sure to look for his books there where you might be able to get a personally signed copy by the author himself and ask him what he really thinks about the Mind Shield.

Maple Valley Days and FreeValley Publishing

It quite difficult to publish a novel but that’s not where the self-published author can throw in the towel and head to the beach on vacation. Not at all, my word-inspired friends. A self-published author is not just the writer of the novel, but also the producer and manager. The author markets and researches. The author creates websites and promotional materials and goes to events to promote their book. And that takes hard work and quite a bit of determination.

Not all authors walk down the same path when they send a book out to be published, many more authors today are self-publishing and acting as their own agent. Some call them author-publishers. Some call them crazy. Come see for yourself what it is like to self-publish and promote your own book at Maple Valley Days. Two of your very own Maple Valley writers, as well as authors from North Bend and Snoqualmie will be at the FreeValley Publishing booth. Many of these writers are experts at self-publishing and are highly aware of the book-publishing industry. Everyone has a book inside, come read ours and see if you are ready to write yours.


Maple Valley Days 2014, June 13-15. FreeValley Publishing booth located near the Info booth.


MVD poster

Author Tuesdays: Poetry Reading in North Bend

 What a lovely night of Poetry! Thank you everyone for sharing your works as well as poetry from poets you admire/love

I shared two poems by one of my favorites Shel Silverstein: Noise Day and Shel Silverstein’s Cure for Writer’s Block


Thank you North Bend library for allowing us use of the space and endorsing Poetry and Poetry Month for this event!

table (2)

Our lovely books are displayed right alongside some of the classics in poetry

the crowd

The crowd gets ready for the readings

27 poetry years (4)

27 Years a Poet

vicky bastedo (1)

Vicky Bastedo

tommia wright (3)

T. Tommia Wright

stephen matlock (1)

Stephen J. Matlock

sheri kennedy (2)

Sheri J. Kennedy

linda garcia (5)

Linda Garcia

jackie (2)

Jackie Fedyk

david moore (4)

David S. Moore

Author Thursdays: Norwescon!


1421203_502944456470007_131371684_o (1)

Maple Valley Writers and FreeValley Publishing authors will be hosting a booth at Norwescon in the lobby.

Rachel Barnard and her work Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams will be promoted at this event.

You can talk to her in person Saturday during the event.

What is Norwescon?

The Pacific Northwest’s premier Fantasy and Science Fiction convention.

For more information on Norwescon: norwescon.org