Author Thursdays: the Power Keeper’s Redemption

This is the start of a ‘trilogy’ I began planning some months back. How do you like the beginning? Do you like the first book’s title (the Power Keeper’s Redemption)?




Liesle held the switchblade steady in her right hand.

“Give it,” her voice quick-stepped over the two words.

“I don’t have it,” the man behind the counter said.

“We both know that’s a lie” Liesle stepped closer and the man stiffened, eyeing the weapon.

“I swear. I don’t have it. I. I sold it,” there was only pity in his eyes.

This made Liesle very angry and she swung the blade in an arc, jabbing the point up toward the man’s chin. He flinched, but she kept the knife from spearing into his throat.

“Where?” The question hissed through her teeth.

The sound of something dropping broke her from her interrogation and she swiveled on her heels without taking her knife from his throat. She saw nothing. She turned back to the man. He had not moved.

“Where?” she repeated.

“You can’t hardly be seventeen, you’ll get your chance to choose your own power.”

“Listen to me. I have waited for someone to choose the power of Repetition for a year. You were the only one. I can’t wait three more years, it’ll be too late. I need it now.”

A siren wailed in the distance.

Liesle narrowed her eyes at him, the knife wavering for the first time.

“I’m so sorry, Liesle.”

“Put the weapon down,” a power officer stood in the door of the convenience store.

Liesle continued to stare at the clerk, grimacing, and shaking her head. She slowly put the knife on the floor.

“You’re not the only one who needs that power,” the clerk said to her.

The power enforcer cleared his throat, commanding their attention. His eyes scanned Liesle’s history chart. He whistled out his teeth.

“Multiple counts of attempted robbery. Two counts of assault, one against an officer of the law,” the power officer read. “armed robbery is going to have severe consequences. You’re lucky that you’re still a minor,” the officer continued as he read down the list of her life’s un-accomplishments. His eyes grew wide. She knew what was coming. “Parents killed. You live with your grandparents now, eh?” He turned to her to ask. She scowled and glanced toward the abandoned knife on the floor. “And you are?” the officer asked, finally tearing his eyes off his scanner.

“Her cousin, Paulo,” the clerk offered.

“Really?” The officer said, elongating the word and looking from Liesle to Paulo and back.

A tear forced its way out of Liesle’s left eye and she reached up to brush it away. The officer spooked at the motion and leveled his weapon at her. At that moment another officer stepped into the convenience store.

It was all over. She had been caught again. This time she had committed a Grand Felony as a minor and through she held no power, the consequences would be severe. She was going to be taken from her home.

As soon as the power officers beckoned for her to accompany them to their vehicle, she panicked. Her feet pushed off and she was attempting to run between the two large men. She surprised the first officer enough to slip between his grasp, but the officer at the door was ready for her.

“Your reputation precedes you,” he said wryly as he shot her with a sedative-laced stunner. She passed out immediately, almost inviting the nothingness to consume her entirely and put an end to her miserable existence and her  unfulfilled undertaking of revenge.