Author Goals and Accomplishments from 2015 and Future Goals for 2016

Remember this post back in 2014?

2015 Writing Goals:

  1. Create audiobook version of poetry book, Wandering Imagination
  2. Write manuscript for book 1 of Fantasy trilogy
  3. Send Children’s Book to Publishers
  4. Write manuscript of The Geocache Killer
  5. Get At One’s Beast 15 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -13, Amazon -11)
  6. Get Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams 20 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -9, Amazon -9)
  7. Finished and Published audiobook copy of At One’s Beast
  8. Submit some short stories to contests/publications
  9. Finish YA manuscript Donuts in an Empty Field

How did I do?

I didn’t create the audiobook for my poetry book yet but I futzed with Paul’s recording equipment and think I’m ready to get this one done next year in preparation for narrating my own audiobook for Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1).

I’ve decided not to write that fantasy trilogy I talked about, yet that is because I started a different sort of trilogy and it took off with my imagination. I’m set to publish Cafe Connections (Aster & Tilde Book 1) Halloween of 2016 unless it is picked up by a traditional publisher. Stay tuned for more information on that book.

I didn’t send any manuscripts to publishers or agents this year as I was busy writing more books! I have more plans to submit other books to publishers though 🙂

I decided I’m still not ready to write The Geocache Killer, but when I’ve got a handle on thriller/mystery as a genre, I will totally pick this one back up and write it.

At One’s Beast has 26 Goodreads reivews and 18 Amazon reviews, so I’m calling this one done.

Ataxia has 15 Goodreads reviews and 15 Amazon reviews which I think is good enough to check this one off the list

At One’s Beast is available as an audiobook, since early 2015 in fact!

I have been submitting to the Writer’s of the Future of this year and will be submitting to anthologies and other publication opportunities next year.

I haven’t finished Donuts in an Empty Field yet but I’m working on the third draft as we speak for publication June 3rd, 2016.


Goals for 2016

  1. At One’s Beast available in King County Libraries
  2. Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1) published
  3. Start my retirement fund
  4. Create a food/board game
  5. Watch a roller derby
  6. Finish Flora’s Last Chance for Magic and submit to publishers
  7. Re-revise My Dad the Prepper and send it out to new publishers
  8. Make a box set case for upcoming series For the Love of Donuts using this website
  9. Publish the anthology “Stories from Seattle” with all proceeds to go to my favorite goat rescue PSGR
  10. Finish my brother’s recipe book so he can publish it
  11. Publish Cafe Connections (Aster & Tilde book 1) on 10/31/16
  12. Get professional author photos
  13. Learn a special dance or solo
  14. Bask in a sea of donuts