Nano ’14: Day 24 Update


Word count for the day: 1,747

Total word count: 64,540

Total Words to Write to be on track: 40,000

I’ve officially completed my first draft of Donuts in an Empty Field/Leave Your Mark

Vanessa was a shy, introverted girl before she found out she wouldn’t live to graduation. It had always been her best friend Nichole who dragged her out of her shell, but now it’s Vanessa with her list of Challenges who is learning to pull Nichole along. From sneaking into strip clubs, construction areas, and into trouble Vanessa learns to cope with death and dying. When everything falls apart in a school showdown Vanessa will have to give up herself completely to save those she loves. Will this be the mark Vanessa is hoping to leave on the world or will she be gone before she has time to leave her mark?

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