Nano Update: Planning, Pantsing and Writing Two Novels in 30 Days

I am an overachiever… This translates to me having full-time hobbies and something going on every night after a full work-day. Last year I wrote approximately 60k words for nanowrimo 2014. This year I plan on writing two books at the same time… Two separate, yet intertwined books.

How will I do this?

A. I’m a fast typer.

B. I’m actually planning these books out with full on outlines and character mapping (unlike last year where I just pantsed my butt off).

C. Writing 30 minutes every morning before work 7:30-8AM

D. Attending at least 3 write ins every week to focus on word counts and have specific time for writing

E. Having a goal of 5k words on day one for the kickoff party at midnight

F. Creating my own special Half-Way Day of Donuts Hustle with a goal of 3k words

G. Tracking my progress and taking any opportunity I have to write, write, write!

What is your nano plan and what are your goals?

Want to join me at my Day of Donuts Half-Way Hustle? I’ll buy you a donut….

Untitled picture

Daddy’s Donuts – open 8am – 7pm Sunday November 15th

Address: 7018 NE Bothell Way, Kenmore Wa 98028

Writing Time: 8AM – 9:15AM

Words written:

CountrySide Donut House – open 5:30am – 3pm Sunday November 15th

Address: 10032 Main St, Bothell, WA 98011

Writing Time: 9:30AM – 10:45AM

Words written:

Factory Donuts – open 5AM-2PM Sunday November 15th

Address: 12505 NE 144th St., Kirkland, WA 98034

Writing Time: 11AM – 12:15PM

Words written:

Sunrise Donuts & Espresso – open 6AM – 2PM Sunday November 15th

Address: 7299 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Writing Time: 12:30 – 1:45PM

Words written:

Westernco – Bellevue – open 4AM – 5:30PM Sunday November 15th

Address: 1412 156th Ave NE., Bellevue, WA 98007

Writing Time: 2PM – 3:15PM

Words written:

Top Pot – Bellevue – open 7AM – 5:30PM Sunday November 15th

Address: 10600 NE 9th Place, Bellevue, WA 98004

Writing Time: 3:30PM – 5PM

Words written:


Here are my two nano 2015 novels:

The Optimist Sees the Donut (For the Love of Donuts Book 2)

The Pessimist Sees the Hole (For the Love of Donuts Book 2)


Their friendship has been the one unbreakable thing, the one certainty in their lives, but Nichole Adams and Vanessa Smith are developing into their own persons. The glimpse into who they were in Donuts in an Empty Field was just the beginning of their diverging interests and them slowly pulling apart as friends when they start their own lives beyond high school.


Vanessa has never had many friends in her life and even though she wanted to stay friends with Nichole, she met new people in college and is moving on. She has school, she has social activities, and a new group of friends but she can’t seem to find the right guy.


Nichole is jealous of Vanessa’s ease of everything in the real world. She has no trouble with jobs, money, school, or getting and going places. Nichole, on the other hand was preemptively kicked out of her mom’s house after graduating high school and has been floundering ever since. The only thing she has easy in her life is flirting and finding a boyfriend, or at least a guy that will let her crash at his house.


Forever hopeful that things will change, Nichole still clings to the hope that Vanessa will come back to their friendship and be the best friend from high school that Nichole misses. When guy after guy doesn’t work out for her, Vanessa changes more and more about her personality to attract the right guy, drifting farther and farther from who she really is. Something’s gotta give and this story of how friendships get off track, lies become reality, and bad luck tails bad choices will bring you in and around the little town of Sarasota, Florida that you grew to love in book one of the series – Donuts in an Empty Field.

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  1. I might be able to do the one at Top Pot Bellevue on the 15th since it’s after our Snoq. Valley Region write-in at SnoValley Coffee…but it’s also on the same weekend as the overnight, so we’ll see… Sounds fun!!


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