2016 Physical Activity – Dance/Volleyball/Running/Bootcamp

2015 Physical Activity Blog Post Breakdown

How do you work out?

This year I did volleyball, pole dancing classes, the Thriller Dance for the second year, stretch and flex classes, pole silks, hoop classes, acro yoga, Boudoir classes, a pilates class, and bootcamp.

Pole Dancing Stats:

  1. I took 109 classes this year at 7 different pole studios (some were during my writer retreat/vacation in St. Pete, FL)
  2. I spent $2252.25 on all my pole and flex classes for the year (that’s $20.66 per class!)
  3. I took 7 advanced spin classes
  4. I took 49 Inversions classes
  5. I took 30 stretch classes
  6. The classes ranged in price from $10-$32 each
  7. I spent 201 hours in all of the classes combined and 160 hours in pole-only classes

My favorite photos:

20160731_pole_pics_kandacehouse-1 20160305_spinderelladarkenedroom_lovesiik_polepixy-4 20160731_pole_pics_kandacehouse-7 20160710_spinderella_acroyoga_week1-5 20160915_boatdate_donutbutt-5

Volleyball Stats:

  • I went to volleyball (outdoor in Bellevue Downtown Park) 8 times this year

Running Stats:

  • I ran 2.5 total miles
  • I ran a mile in 11:02 at the fastest

Boot-camp Stats:

  • I went to 10 Boot-camp classes, starting November and love the instructor and the other bootcampers!

15317780_10210899100024173_2452515428181361820_n 15590431_10211028296414002_2804847792975109675_n

The Thriller!

  • I only had time to go to one workshop prior to the Flashmob!
  • Check out the Youtube video HERE


Fitness stats:

  • I did 5 pull-ups/chin-ups
  • I can do 20 push-ups in a row
  • I ran a mile in 11:02
  • I can hand over hand climb to the top of the pole
  • I can touch my toes

2015 Physical Activity – Dance/Volleyball/Biking

How do you work out?

This year I did volleyball, pole dancing classes, a hip hop class, a hooping class, a Bollywood class, an Aerial class, multiple Thriller workshops to learn the dance, belly dancing classes, and stretch and flex classes. I also did an afternoon ropes course.

20150609 company vball

I took the dBMEDx team to Bellevue downtown drop-in volleyball. I went to two miscellaneous volleyball drop ins and 18 Bellevue downtown park drop ins.

20151216_Mellilla_BellyDance_Beginners (3)

I tried out a belly dancing 6 class series in Bothell, see our performance piece here


I went to 5 Thriller 1.5 hour workshops in preparation for Thrill the World Remdond.

20150607 Aventura ropes course with Paul and his workmate and his wife-1 20150607 Aventura ropes course with Paul and his workmate and his wife-2 20150626 Boat with Paul

Paul and I did the ropes course in Woodinville for a couple of hours and went out on his boat multiple times this past summer (not much of a workout, I know)

20151003 nighclub dancing night out trinity seattle

We even went ‘clubbing’ where I danced the night away for an hour and a half or so. (Have I mentioned that dancing is great exercise?)

I tried out a hooping class, an aerial dance class, a hip hop class, and a bollywood class and didn’t get much satisfaction out of any of them for various reasons.

And then I found Spinderella… I took 25 pole classes and 2 stretch & flex classes this past year at the studio. I love all my instructors, especially the owner, who is fabulous in so many ways.

20150800 Pole Dancing August (7) 20150800 Pole Dancing August (9)  20151014 Spinderella third series completed