All about the Donuts – Donuts Aftermath! How sales channels/marketing/promotion worked

Percentage of sales from different outlets:

Ingramspark =42%
Amazon =24%
Createspace =4%
In person =14%
Sales events (MVD/Oddmall/release parties) =16%


Marketing prior to book release: Accounts for 10% of total sales (tracked with pre-order sales)


Marketing post book release: Accounts for 52% of total sales



Marketing going forward: Accounts for 38% of total sales

  • Ingramspark Third Place Books order = copies still available for purchase account for 38% of total sales
  • Weekend Writing Warriors
  • Newsletter
  • All About the Donuts
  • Local Donut Shop Reviews
  • Word of Mouth
  • Future sales events
    • Capital Indie Book Con
    • Oddmall Holiday Event


All About the Donuts Newsletter from May:






Donuts Aftermath! Two Parties in a Donut Costume

June 25th was all about the donuts!

My drop-in party at Neverending Bookshop was fabulous! Thanks to Rich for buying donut shop #3 (Krispy Kreme) donuts. Shout out to Annie and her mother for helping out and selling all the books. Thanks to Vicky and Sheri for coming all the way from North Bend! Thanks to the entire Allen family (yes, all of them) for coming out. Thanks to fellow author Emily Bates for stopping in (the shop also has her books for sale, hint hint). Thanks to the strangers who I met at the party who bought my books, said hi, and ate some donuts. Thanks to Paul for his rapid cleanup help and for washing the hours-crusted donut knife and cutting board. I had a ton of fun! Here are some pictures from that lovely event:


13483173_10101742709902440_3076387642248546187_o 13509134_10208354515053689_2845998544970210781_n

And now to the blind donut tasting results!

Donut shop #1 = Factory Donuts in Kirkland

Donut shop #2 = Countryside Donuts in Bothell

Donut shop #3 = Krispy Kreme

20160625_DonutsParties (2)

The donut contenders were cake, maple bar, glazed, and boston kreme!

The results are as follows:

  1. 9 people voted!
  2. Not all votes included rankings of all types of donuts
  3. The glazed favorite was… Countryside with 5/10 votes, second place was Krispy Kreme with 3/10 votes and last place was Factory Donuts with 2/10 votes
  4. My favorite glazed was from Countryside. Mmm mmm good.
  5. The cake donut favorite was… Factory Donuts with 3/6 votes (two voters thought all the cake donut contenders were terrible and I was of the same opinion)
  6. The Boston Creme favorite was… Factory Donuts wit 5/7 votes!
  7. The Maple Bar favorite was… Countryside Dontus with 4/7 votes, second place was Krispy Kreme with 2/7 votes and last place was Factory Donuts with a single vote
  8. I did not even try the maple bar because I don’t like maple bar frosting

The party-goers/readers also wrote down their thoughts about donuts, which I will keep with my donut supplies! The raffle winner was Sheri. Congrats! See you all at the next party and thanks to everyone who came out, ate donuts, said hi, and got a copy of Donuts in an Empty Field.

Donuts Amazon Order link:

My second party was a joint-author reading with lovely fantasy writer Ksenia Anske. I admire Ksenia for her boisterous personality, her fantastic author-reader communication, and of course for her lovely dark-raw-fantastical-imaginative writing.

20160625_DonutsParties (1)20160625_DonutsParties (6)

Author Tuesdays: Author Costs Breakdown and Money Recovered from Book Sales


Selling Events: Money spent to purchase copies to sell at events and specific event fees

Book Creation: Proof copy costs and professional cover design costs

Author Resources: Memberships, workshops, and conferences

Author Platform: Domain registration and marketing materials such as business cards

Materials: Stamps and envelopes to send out manuscripts


*Estimated money recovered from sales: %37 of cost*