2017 Physical Activity – Dance/Volleyball/Running/Bootcamp

2016 Physical Activity Blog Post Breakdown

2015 Physical Activity Blog Post Breakdown

How do you work out?

Pole Dancing Highlights:
1. I performed three times in three distinct routines (Here’s my Risky Donetta routine and Here’s my Prohibition Donetta routine)
2. I took 139 classes total
3. I spent $2594 total
4. I spent 226 hours in class
5. I worked with 20 different instructors

Lifetime money spent (just for pole classes): $4882.84
2014 – $90
2015 – $422.21
2016 – $1777
2017 – $2594

Lifetime total pole classes:
2014 – 6
2015 – 19
2016 – 109
2017 – 139

Total time spent poling:
2014 – 10.5 hours
2015 – 37.5 hours
2016 – 173.5 hours
2017 – 226 hours

Class Breakdown at different studios for 2017
Divine – 72/139 = 52%
Spinderella – 35/139 = 25%
P3 – 19/139 = 14%
Pole Camp – 9/139 = 6%
Writhe – 3/139 = 2%
Polelattes – 1/139 = 1%

Class Type breakdowns for 2017
Intermediate Inversions = 30
Basic Inversions = 19
Intermediate/Advanced Spins = 20
“Intermediate” classes = 18
Level 3-1 = 14
Level 2-2 = 11
“Advanced” classes = 7
Level 2-1 = 5
Open level drop ins = 5
Other = (pole power hour, Open choreography session) = 3
Basic Spins = 2
Level 3-2 = 2
Ayesha workshops = 2
Boudoir Classes = 1

In other fitness accomplishments:
1. I went to 51 bootcamp classes
2. I went to a single Thriller refresher class before the Flashmob dance
3. I went to only 4 volleyball drop ins
4. I went to 6 KokoFit sessions (cardio and strength in a modern gym)
5. I went to 13 Bar Method classes
6. I ran 64.2 miles and spent 11.78 hours running with my fastest mile at 9:26
7. I took my bike out twice for 24.5 miles (and commuted from my house into work once)
8. I went to 24 stretch classes
9. I went to 7 KJC Booty Dance classes
10. I took a pole silks class


Fitness stats:


My favorite fitness photos:



Upcoming Local WA events: Juanita and North Bend – Get Your Holiday Gifts and Books!

Juanita Craft Fair
December 2nd, 2017 10AM-4PM
Cost: Free 

More Info
I’ll be at the booth for the Writer’s Coop of the Pacific Northwest from 1pm -4pm. Come say hi and get all my books!

Si View Holiday Bazaar in North Bend, WA
December 2nd, 2017 9AM-3PM
Cost: Free 

More Info

The Si View Community Center is holding its annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 from 10am to 3pm. Si View Community Center, located in the center of North Bend, offers a quaint atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to this Holiday tradition. I’ll be at the booth for Free Valley Publishing from 10am-12pm. Come say hi and get all my books!

Events Schedule

Shopping for Gifts and Concessions
Si View Youth Dance
Silverbells Carolers
Mount Si High School Carolers
Raffle Drawing (tickets $2 each, 3 for $5)

All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Factory Donuts – Kirkland, WA

Factory Donuts

Kirkland, WA

12505 NE 144th St, Kirkland, WA 98034

(425) 821-6140


Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: Maple Bar
Signature shop donut: Croissant Sandwich/Large Glazed Ring
Most popular US donut: glazed
2nd most popular US donut: Boston crème
Donut Hole: Yes

What I tried:

cruller, glazed knot, old fashioned, maple, Boston, Donut Holes

$14.50/mixed dozen

I’ve been to this donut shop before – during NaNo, but went back for a dozen for this review!

What to expect:

Maple – sweet but one of the best subtle maple flavors, a clean and fresh glazed, dry cruller, the plain cake donut – oily exterior and classic interior. This shop has almost every classic donut you could want and a few more variations. Everything I’ve had was fresh and delicious.


My favorite:

Anything glazed! Even their maple ‘glaze’ is not too bad.

St. James Espresso Multiple FVP Authors Event Wrapup

20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (6)

We had fun last Saturday at St. James. I got to try their green power smoothie for the first time. It was delicious! Hope to see you at our next event!

20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (2) 20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (4) 20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (1) 20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (3) 20160410_StJames_saleswithFVP (5)

Sheri implemented our new idea for showing prices – with number beads on our lovely new bookmarks!


WAAAlk for Autism Last Saturday

Saturday was autism awareness day. I supported my family’s walk for autism to help collect funds for the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy in my donut costume.

20160402 Autism Walk Kirkland Marina (3) 20160402 Autism Walk Kirkland Marina (1)

Sensory Sensitive, Child & Teen Suitable Activities, Family Fun & Resource Fair – WAAAlk for Autism is a day for our community to come together to honor and recognize the 2,800 families and 12,000 individuals that WAAA has helped statewide. It is a day to celebrate the unique gifts that each individual and family touched with autism brings into our lives.

20160402 Autism Walk Kirkland Marina (2)

You can still donate to the cause! Click this link HERE to donate

Miscellaneous Mondays: Author Signing Event at St. James

IMG_0963 18734385


Check us out! Two local authors meet at St. James Espresso in Kirkland 4/4/15.

I just finished her book and will be posting a review of her debut YA novel Sara Supernatural 4/23/15 so stay tuned.

For more information on Tiffany Belcher, check out her website: http://sarasupernatural.tateauthor.com/


What local authors have you met lately?