Author Thursdays: NaNoWriMo November

Dear readers,

   As of today and throughout the entirety of November, will concentrate on the joys, triumphs, tips, sufferings, braggings of National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo instead of following the usual format of daily themed posts.

What is NaNoWriMo?

From the official website for national novel writing month: “Nanowrimo is an annual event (November) novel writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world.”

Check out your local region’s events for NaNo near you!

For Maple Valley, where I will be doing the majority of my writing, check out our calendar of events

My personal novel: The Day the Computer Stood Still

The federal supercomputer was meant to catch felons but fell in love instead. How can there be peace when humanity’s watchdog is surfing dating sites instead of capturing criminals?

Author Thursdays:

About this author and the creator/founder of Maple Valley Writers:

Rachel Barnard is a Pacific Northwester from Florida who is always looking to work the changes in her life into a story, plot, or character.

“Back in my day,” Begins 23-year old Rachel Barnard, referring to her early age writings, “not everyone had their own personal computer. Writers wrote with a pen and paper. That’s how I got my start.” Barnard had always been a voracious reader, seeming to swallow books whole, reading lengthy novels like The Three Musketeers and the Hobbit while her peers were reading Junie B Jones and the Diary of Wimpy Kid. While in school she discovered that such a thing as grades existed and her sense of competition was ignited. She went on to become AR Queen (following in the footsteps of her sister) and surpassing the closest competitor by near twice as many points. From that moment on Rachel looked for the competition in everything. She entered the Wings of Hope Speech competition and came in third in the state, meeting one of her idols Jane Goodall. After speech writing she turned to poetry, which kept her quite occupied throughout middle school. It was not until high school that she diversified her writing portfolio once more and began to write the great american novel which was a complete failure. Her vocabulary was immensely advanced whilst her realistic sense of plot and dialogue was lacking because she was still young and inexperienced in the world. Short stories soon followed while she continued with the poetry. It was during her last two years in high school that Rachel submitted her works to various competitions and got several of her better poems published, winning a couple of bucks along the way. Unfortunately, when she arrived at college, Rachel was too busy to continue inhaling fiction, instead focussing on her textbooks, her work in a restaurant, and an active social life. Rachel was amassing life experience and soon put all this knowledge to work when she began the great american novel attempt number two after graduating. Nine months later Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams was born. Rachel had published her young adult novel of a heroine’s adventures at the Academy through Amazon, doing her own editing and using her own picture as cover art. When she turned 23, Rachel joined a writing group in the Valley and wrote a children’s picture book and started on another young adult novel. She decided to form a local writing group in her hometown and is always looking for new and different challenges as she grows and learns as an author and a dreamer.

Authur Thursdays: Maple Valley Farmer’s Market

See you Saturday (and Sunday and Tuesday)

As you dear readers know I started a local writer’s group a couple months ago and have been getting it off the ground ever since. I created a facebook page (, an e-mail address ( business cards, flyers, and am working on a website. I wrote a short blurb in the Voice of the Valley to gather interest for the first meeting and posted all over the web for the event. I even made flyers and put them up around town. 
I have learned that it is not the amount of effort you put into the endeavor that counts but the timing and type of effort. Maple Valley Writers needs more members and I know there are writers/authors out there in the area who could use a writing group. I just have to find them. 
So get ready Maple Valley! The Maple Valley Writers are coming to you! Three Saturdays in July, August, and September respectively I will host a booth at the Maple Valley Farmer’s Market. There will be information, books to read, and a raffle to win several informative books on writing and publishing. 
At this point I have spent more money on this writer’s group than on myself as an author! Please don’t let me down Maple Valley, I know it takes time to build up a relationship and find the closet-writers but I am determined and have faith in the project. 

Author Thursdays: Attention Authors!!!

Goal of this meeting is establish at least one time a week to meet with location for the first meeting and to establish some/all goals of the group.

Meeting will consist of:

1. Introductions

2. My ideas for the direction of the group
3. Meeting times and places
4. Anything else?

Meeting Place Requirements: Local, wireless access, outlets

1. Maple Valley Library
2. Maple Valley Creative Arts Center
3. The Spot
4. Big Apple Deli
5. 9th Hole Grill
6. Original Pancake House

What I want from MVW:

1. A local writing environment geared toward authors of prose (and poetry) that encourages writing and publishing.

2. A writing buddy

3. Networking with local authors/

4. A group with writing events now and then such as workshops, speakers, signings, a column in the local newspaper, readings, etc