Goals and Accomplishments from 2022 and Future Goals for 2023

2023 Goals!!!

  • 2023 Describe yourself in 3 words: Impatient, Forgetful, Loving
    • 2022 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Saving, Friendship, Experiences
    • Theme for 2023: Settling in
  • 2022 Describe yourself in 3 words: Self, Partner, New
    • 2022 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Success, Happy Moments, Learning
    • Theme for 2022: Realize
    • Goals list of 2022
  • 2021 Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven, Busy, Challenged
    • 2021 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Vacation, Attentive, Patience
    • Theme for 2021: Plan
    • Goals list of 2021
  • 2020 Describe yourself in 3 words: Anxious, Quick, Analytic
    • 2020 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Patience, Deliberate, Calm
    • Theme for 202: Hygge
    • Goals list of 2020
  • 2019 Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven, Efficient, Restless
    • 2019 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Calm, Accomplished, Considerate
    • Theme for 2019: Minimize
    • Goals list of 2019
  • Goals list of 2018
  • Goals list of 2017
  • Goals list of 2016
  • Goals list of 2015


Fitness goals 2022:

  • Take 4 handstand classes – I worked on handstand prep in some classes but never actually took a handstand class. I would like to take at least one next year!
  • Take floorwork advanced series – Unfortunately, I never got a chance to take this class due to scheduling conflicts 😦
  • Pass intermediate inversions into advanced inversions at Divine Movement Dance – I switched to mainly taking Lyra classes this year and didn’t attend enough pole classes consistently to finesse the two transitions that were holding me back (pike to superman and Allegra to pike)
  • 10 chin-ups/pull-ups – Accomplished 07/27/2022!
  • 1-handed pull-up – Accomplished and I put this move into my September Lyra performance
  • Handspring Ayesha – Still working on this move and will continue to try in 2023 whenever I take pole classes
  • 1000 miles total on my ebike – Seattle weather and a move kept me somewhat shy of this goal. As soon as my bike is fixed from moving damage, I’ll be able to hit this goal and then some! 267.5 miles total in 2022; 260 miles total in 2021; 390 miles total in 2020 for a grand total of 917.5 miles!
  • Floor limbo just because – After seeing someone do this on the grass at a party and on roller skates at a party, it piqued my interest but I never actually attempted to learn how to do it… Would be a neat party trick but I’d have to ask someone who knows what they’re doing if my body has what it takes to get there.
  • Go to every pole studio in Seattle – I took a class at all the studios: Divine Movement Kirkland, Divine Movement Seattle, Ascendance, Pole Fitness Seattle, Pole Fitness Seattle Bellevue, Raven Studios, Versatile Arts, Mora Pole Studio, and Emerald City Trapeze Arts. I went to a clothing exchange at Positive Spin but never got to take any classes there.

Fitness goals 2023:

  • Lyra – unassisted front balance
  • Pole – handspring ayesha
  • Floorwork – solid fish flop
  • Floorwork – work on a hand balance pose/transition that I can freestyle into/out of
  • Aerial – check out every studio in the Austin area
  • Aerial – perform at least once in some capacity!
  • Aerial – Work on the correct position for flying trapeze hand catch prep
  • Aerial – continue to explore other fun classes/workshops like duo lyra, bungee, trampoline, etc.
  • Aerial – volunteer/help out in a show/comp
  • 1000 miles lifetime on my ebike
  • 321 miles on our new stationary bike


Finances Goals 2022:

  • Build back up to $10,000 in my emergency fund – I reached $10,000 in April after my tax refund and LLC account reimbursement payout
  • Make $5000 from my LLC – Only made ~$3500

Finances Goals 2023:

  • Save enough to exercise stock options expiring in September 2023
  • Keep $10,000 in my emergency fund
  • $250,000 in assets


Misc. Goals 2022:

  • Career Development Training – Only did online webinars – I now have 25 RAC from RAPS as credits
  • Career development find a mentor – didn’t reach out to anyone specific
  • Take 2 cooking/baking classes – took the latte art class for the second time and loved it! I didn’t take any other cooking classes.
  • Pole Expo/Convention/Corgi Con – tabled for the year but will consider in the future if the dates/timing/budget are good
  • Take ASL classes along with my Duolingo daily Turkish studies – Tried out one app but didn’t want to pay for one more subscription. Stopped working on Turkish but did manage to make top 6% of learners on Duolingo!

Misc. Goals 2023:

  • Career Development Training
  • Take one cooking/baking class