Goals and Accomplishments from 2019 and Future Goals for 2020

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2020 Goals!!!

2020 Describe yourself in 3 words: Anxious, Quick, Analytic
2019 Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven, Efficient, Restless

2020 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Patience, Deliberate, Calm
2019 Describe what you want more of in 3 words: Calm, Accomplished, Considerate

Theme for 2020: Hygge (2019: Minimize)


2019 Goals:

  1. Nail the Divine intermediate inversions combo – I ran out of classes and decided to use my remaining passes to take daytime Boudouir classes because my body was ready for a slower-paced class. I really enjoyed Missy’s classes. 
  2. Learn hand balancing moves (specifically a hand stand) – I worry about overtaxing my wrists and haven’t worked specifically on accomplishing this goal this year. I did take a handstand workshop and a one-on-one class.
  3. Take more acro yoga classes – I took a few acro yoga classes at the beginning of the year but after crossing over the initial learning curve, the classes didn’t interest me as much as pole classes. 
  4. Learn to make fluffy gluten free bread – I have been exploring cooking more this year but have only made GF bread a few times. I would like to eventually learn all the secrets to a perfect loaf but may not put this specific goal back on my list.
  5. Finish my scrapbook – I’ve decided that I don’t need a scrapbook anymore and will continue to keep my electronic records.
  6. Finish my health book through 2018 – I have my complete health records up to this year and plan to make a short version to place in my Will vault prior to my birthday in January.
  7. Management/Kanban training – Sadly the training I was signed up for to start in January of 2020 was not funded. I will wait to see if the next session in the fall will be funded and continue to look for more training opportunities.
  8. Learn massage techniques – My SO bought me an all-day workshop at a local massage school and I loved it! 
  9. Dog sit/walk a corgi – I was able to walk two corgis this year.
  10. Goat/cat yoga – I didn’t get around to signing up for this class and probably won’t unless with my dance group due to the high price of the class.
  11. Volunteer at Thrill the World and perform for the 5th year! I knew I was going to check this off the list… 
  12. Learn Turkish (get through the 12 modules on my Rosetta Stone app) – I’m proud of this accomplishment. I have stuck with my casual and slow learning of Turkish all year. Am I fluent? Not even close. I will continue to work on my vocabulary and grammar next year.


Of my 12 goals for 2019, I can officially cross off 5 of them. As the year progressed my priorities changed. I no longer wish to work on some of these goals at all and I no longer wish to prioritize others. For my travel dreams (Corgi Con, Pole expo, Blind Café, Herb Farm or a Michelin-starred restaurant) I didn’t do any of them. One of these years Corgi Con won’t also fall on the same weekend as something else I plan to do. Pole expo is quite expensive and I would only go with one of my pole sisters. If my SO and I travel to another city with a Blind Cafe we might check it out. Herb Farm or Michelin-starred restaurant will wait until I have much more cash to throw away on an extravagantly-priced meal or if we happen to be close by and can snag a reservation to one of the infamous Michelin restaurants. 


2020 Goals:

Each month I have written an accountability and check in post
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November 2019

I have broken out my goals into the following categories:


I want to try out some small lifestyle change style challenges. I wanted to spend each month focusing on a different aspect of health and fitness. Here are my ideas so far: stretching every morning, increasing my water intake, cooking all my own food, reading more self-growth books, eating more veggies, biking/running, reducing my sugar intake. I very much enjoy the Blogilates challenges and may continue to use those challenges and/or the monthly calendar.


  1. Max out my Roth IRA, 401k and HSA contributions
  2. Build up my emergency savings to 6 months
  3. Save 50% of my income


  1. Deplete my physical book inventory
  2. Break even on Ataxia and At One’s Beast
  3. Revamp my website
  4. Write 4 short stories
  5. Send out 4 newsletters
  6. Publish a new coloring book

For January here are my specific goals:

Financial: Sign/notarize my will, finish adding beneficiaries to all my banking/investing accounts, choose and purchase disability insurance, finalize my automatic money flow, finish updating my death binder, connect all my sources of side income to my new business banking account, and go through my budget and spending for 2019 and work on my 2020 budget.

Fitness: 10 minutes of stretching every morning (splits stretching for beginners), work through the Blogilates January calendar to get more exercise daily

Writing: Run a book giveaway, send out a birthday wish to buy my print inventory (at a discount), pull At One’s Beast and Ataxia from everything but Amazon and then enroll in KDP select, add a purchasing print book option to my website, author tea date with two local authors, send out queries to previous reviewed authors for free print book, send newsletter as 2019 wrap up and 2020 look ahead, research possible new coloring book and cost, research writer’s conferences and costs for 2020, create Donuts Books marketing plan for 2020 in June, review at least one Indie book