Socializing Sundays: The Smartphone date

I may be young, hip and cool but I just don’t understand the smartphone date. You know what I’m talking about, the young – middle aged couple who goes out on a date and spends 75% of the face time with their eyes glued to their cell screen. Don’t you know how ridiculous you look with a minuscule computer six inches from your face? You look like the blubber-balls from Wall-E. And even when not on a date, per se but an outing or a social gathering you cannot socially function without plodding away on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, twitter, blogger, tickld, etc. You are the most self-absorbed socially backwards bunch of awkward teens (or adults really) people I have ever seen. At least have the decency to pay attention to your surroundings and respect those you have come out to see/visit/hang out with. It is incredibly rude to do what I call “time waste” on your phone while in a social setting. Unless you are helping a friend with directions or taking a call from your mother, I should not see you tippity tapping away on your smartphone. I do not care if you want to show me that video you are thinking about right this second. You know what we did back in my day? We played footsie with each other. Just kidding. We talked and laughed and made eye contact. You know, 20 years from now you’ll be cross eyed from staring at a tiny screen for years and you won’t have any real friends anymore, only Facebook friends and followers. And far away, on what used to be Earth, two little robots are falling in love.

Socializing Sundays: 15 Guys to Avoid Dating Article Response

It’s difficult to categorize anyone by any one “type” but if anyone displays extremities of any of these guys-to-avoid then yeah you should watch out. Sometimes some guys might display some of these signs but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are avoidable at all costs. Just think what a ‘guy’ might think reading this article, “Oh no, I can’t stay in ever, we have to always go out or she’ll ditch me.” I would think that most guys who may be like any of these guys-to-avoid, if they at all are trying would attempt to NOT display these characteristics, at least at first, to hook you in. Once you’re in, they start to settle into their original personalities and it is at that point that you can see them for who they truly are.

Socializing Sundays: For Him/For Her

Creative Gifts for that Special Someone

I’ve already posted about little gifts to show you care but here I will spell out more unique gifts (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, etc worthy).

When I receive a gift I want it to be well thought out and unique to me i.e. tomato food fight a la Spain or a hunt leading to something wonderful. Some gifts, I think, are unique enough in their own right.

1. Write a poem and present it as something edible (on a pizza, as chocolate, cupcakes, etc)
2. Write a story starring him/her as the superhero
3. Make a board game out of their life, replacing the tiles/spots with things they like/have done (Monopoly, Life, etc)
4. A geocache dedicated to them and they get to be the ftf!

Basically if you have put in the amount of effort it takes to complete any one of these the recipient of your gift will know they are super special in your mind and that they are worth the effort.

Socializing Sundays: Little Gifts To Show You Care

Flowers, Chocolates, and Teddy Bears

These three items have been a standard in stereotypical gifts for a loved one to show that you care. How is it exactly that there is a ‘standard’ for the one unique person you care about? Surely all recipients are not the same? 

As a gift giver you need to show that you care about the person and not the consumer holiday. What does the person like (and it could very well be flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears) and how can you show them that you care about them in particular? 

I like chocolates but I despise boxed fancy chocolates because I am finicky about what I like and they always contain flavors I do not like. My chocolate favorites include confections like kit kats, twix, and haagen daz ice cream. 

I do not even like flowers, unless they are edible. If you are going to give me a living (once living) plant then it very well be edible. I have yet to receive any but I would most appreciate a tomato plant or a bouquet of tomatoes than a bouquet of something ‘pretty.’ 

I used to like teddy bears but I do not appreciate them any longer, now that I’m an adult. I think – gasp – they are useless and a waste of space. If I wanted a waste of space I would get a trophy. 

Great gift ideas come from knowing the other person more intimately, knowing what would surprise and please them. Don’t be generic, because the thanks you get will also be generic. Be original because your gift recipient is unique. 

Socializing Sundays: Astrology

Are we destined by the stars?

I do not profess to believe in astrology. I like to think we all have choices and are not governed by the stars. A while back, however, I looked up my own sign and my “compatibility” with that of other signs and realized that the last three men I have dated all fell within the same sign. Was it coincidence? Do I even believe that you are who your sign is?

I am an Aquarius, born January 22nd at 12:21. According to the many astrological-oriented websites I am:

1. Friendly and humanitarian
2. Honest and loyal
3. Original and inventive
4. Independent and intellectual

However, I am also:

1. intractable and contrary
2. Perverse and unpredictable
3. Unemotional and detached

The best match for Aquarius is Libra but Aquarius also goes with Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.
For more information regarding love compatibility based on astrological signs:

Here’s a picture of a kitty playing with wrapping paper

Socializing Sundays: Simple Dates

Socializing Sundays: Simple Dates
I keep a list of dates in my “to do” list not because they are things I need to do but I like to keep the ideas written down where I can find them. Recently a guy told me that in his younger days he didn’t date much because he was poor, i.e. he couldn’t AFFORD to date. I believe that this is a very incorrect statement. You don’t always have to invest a lot of money on a date. You can invest time and effort instead. Sure, a lot of conventional dates cost money (bowling, movies, restaurants) but dating doesn’t have to always consist of the expensive things or out-of-your-budget things. Occasionally you can plan on a conventional date and save up the necessary funds but in the meantime you don’t have to stay home and stare at the wall. Here is a preliminary list of ideas for you lug-heads:
1. Cook something intricate together
2. Plan a personal wine tasting (Wine can be as cheap as $3-$4 a bottle)
3. Karaoke (Some restaurants host karaoke and you can spend minimal amounts)
4. Geocaching picnic adventure
5. Or just geocaching.
6. Flashmob (free dance class and awesome memories)
7. Costco (samples are free and hot dogs are still $1.50 and you can do your grocery shopping together)
8. Hiking
9. Free community events (Craigslist is where I found flashmobs, dodgeball, and writing groups)



Socializing Sundays: First Dates

First dates can be awkward. First dates can be flirty and fun. To make the most out of this opportunity, it helps to be prepared and have some creative ideas. The best first dates are usually those that incorporate, 1. Conversation, 2. A shared activity, and 3. Putting yourself in the best light. 

1. Conversation: It is unwise to go to a noisy location on your first date. It is also not the greatest idea to do an activity in which you cannot talk to your date, unless you are into adventure dating (that is an entirely different ball of wax). Examples of dates that would inhibit talking during your date include going to the movies, a concert, a loud bar. This brings into question the entire point of a date, which is more than likely, to get to know the other person. 

2. A shared activity: You can bond over a shared activity, especially if it is something you are doing together. Also, try to choose something that you are moderately good at but not the most experienced professional at. You don’t want to make him/her feel inferior or like he/she has to teach you everything and you flounder away the entire time. Pick something that can challenge both of you and put you on an equal footing. For example, bowling. If you are not remotely on the same level then it is not as fun to play together, however if it is anyone’s game then for one you can see how the person reacts to competition, losing, winning, etc.  

3. Putting yourself in the best light: One time on a date I suggested meeting up for scrabble at a Starbucks. He agreed without hesitation. Come to find that during game play he cannot for the life of him add up the points on the tiles. Now, this isn’t rocket science, it’s simple arithmetic! Do not agree to do something that will show you in a poor light. You want to impress your date, not have them wonder how on earth you ever graduated from high school.