Author Goals and Accomplishments from 2014 and Future Goals for 2015

2013 Writing Goals:

2014 Writing Goals:

  1. Publish At One’s Beast
  2. FreeValley Publishing anthology published with Ataxia promo short story Ataxia and the Girl of Lost Dreams
  3. Review all current FreeValley Publishing author’s books

*I have accomplished all my author goals for 2014!

2014 Accomplishments:

2015 Writing Goals:

  1. Create audiobook version of poetry book, Wandering Imagination
  2. Write manuscript for book 1 of Fantasy trilogy
  3. Send Children’s Book to Publishers
  4. Write manuscript of The Geocache Killer
  5. Get At One’s Beast 15 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -13, Amazon -11)
  6. Get Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams 20 reviews (Currently have: Goodreads -9, Amazon -9)
  7. Finished and Published audiobook copy of At One’s Beast
  8. Submit some short stories to contests/publications
  9. Finish YA manuscript Donuts in an Empty Field