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Pole Dancing Highlights for 2018
2. I took 92 classes total
3. I spent $1465.74 total
4. I spent 144.5 hours in class
5. I worked with 12 different instructors

Lifetime money spent (just for pole classes): $6348.55
2014 – $90
2015 – $422.21
2016 – $1777
2017 – $2594
2018 – $1465.74

Lifetime total pole classes: 365
2014 – 6
2015 – 19
2016 – 109
2017 – 139
2018 – 92

Total time spent poling: 592
2014 – 10.5 hours
2015 – 37.5 hours
2016 – 173.5 hours
2017 – 226 hours
2018 – 144.5 hours

Class Breakdown at different studios for 2018
Divine – 21/92 = 23%
Spinderella – 53/92 = 58%
P3 – 18/92 = 19%

Class Type breakdowns for 2018
Intermediate Inversions = 13
Intermediate/Advanced Spins = 6
Level 3-1 = 35
Level 2-2 = 1
“Intermediate” classes = 8
Open level drop ins = 11
Other = (pole power hour, Open choreography session) = 1
Level 3-2 = 12
Ayesha workshops = 4
Boudoir Classes = 1

In other fitness accomplishments (53.75 hours):
1. I did 3 acro yoga classes and one at home yoga class (8 hours total)
2. I went to 2 Thriller refresher classes before the Flashmob dance at Thrill the World (2 hours)
3. I went to only 4 volleyball drop ins (8 hours)
4. I took a golf lesson with my SO (45 minutes)
5. I went to 6 different 24-hour fitness classes with my SO (5 hours)
6. I spent 7 hours in the pool doing aqua classes and laps with my SO (7 hours)
7. I started playing tennis and went to the park to play 18 times with my SO (18 hours)
8. I played basketball – shooting hoops – once with my SO (2 hours)
9. I went on two scenic hikes with my SO (3 hours)


My favorite fitness photos:



Book Review: Pole Dancer by Nikki St. John

Pole Dancer by Nikki St. John

A Contemporary Fiction Novel published by Nikki St.John (10/21/14)


After Alex is fired as a celebrity publicist, she moves from her hometown of NYC back to her parent’s house in Atlanta. After months of looking for a job, she finally starts working for a high end purse shop in the mall. After discovering pole dancing and a possible new celebrity client, Alex is on her way to a new career and a new self.


Pole Dancing, Reality TV, Rap, Rappers, Rich, Publicist, Celebrity Publicist, Corporate Life, Strip Clubs, Strippers, Professional Pole Dancer, Social Media, Betrayal, Friendship, Family, Communication

My Review:

I wanted to like this story but the typos, lack of editing and at times confusingly written scenes got in the way of my full enjoyment. This fun fiction book would have pulled at least four stars, grammar notwithstanding because the story was so juicy, if not for the abrupt (more than just a cliffhanger) ending. It literally stops mid-scene between two characters.

Pole dancing was throughout the book (after the first part), but it wasn’t the defining characteristic of the main character, which I liked. It wasn’t all about pole dancing, but it was an important part of the plot.

The pole journey of the main character, though she was a cheerleader in her earlier life, was somewhat unrealistic (at least for the majority of people). In a short span of a few weeks, she is able to do intermediate pole moves as a curvier 30-year old. Pole dancing takes quite a bit of time and even if this fast level of learning is possible in real life, it would be an anomaly. The strength to do moves takes time and the main character hadn’t even hit a gym in months when she started pole dancing. By the end she’s doing doubles moves, superman, and intermediate level inversions.

This novel was published by Nikki St.John on October 21st, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.25

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